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Clash of Clans 2016 Update: What’s New



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Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

This update also addresses multiple bugs, issues, and matchmaking problems, but not all of them are listed in the changelog. That said, many problems users were facing should be solved. Clicking the Town Hall crashes the game? This should be fixed.

Skeletons or hogs getting stuck in stacked walls? This should be fixed as well. Being able to donate more than one dark spell to castles was fixed, and a bug where updates said 20+ days (instead of 14 or less) has also been fixed.

We're also hearing general matchmaking and Clan War matchmaking has been once again tweaked and slightly improved, or balanced if you will. To allow for better matched fights, even Clan Wars and so-on. Of course this will never be perfect, but it should be better after this update.

The second Air Defense is now available to TH6 players, and a third air defense is available at TH7. Protecting smaller bases from those typical "all dragons" or mass dragon attacks.

Good luck, enjoy the changes, and earn that daily bonus. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days regarding the update, and what's coming next later this year.

4 / 4


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