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Clash of Clans 2016 Update: What’s New



Star Bonus (Daily Goals)

Star Bonus (Daily Goals)

Another way we can earn more money each and every single day in Clash of Clans is with the new Star Bonus, or daily goal.

Every day users will see five empty stars inside the "attack!" button as shown here. Once a player earns 5 stars by attacking other villages, they earn a "Star Bonus". This will be higher based on each league (trophy count) and you'll need to earn 5 stars in order to achieve your goal.

Once 5 stars have been successfully earned in multiplayer battles, users will get the bonus, which then goes to the Treasury for safekeeping. Two good 3-star attacks, or a few 2-star attacks is all it takes. Users will still get money from attacks, the loot bonus based on league for those attacks, then a third "Star Bonus" if 5 stars are earned.

We can earn this daily, so make sure and attack a few times a day and get 5 stars. The higher league, the higher the reward but the harder the opponent. So find a good happy-medium where you can successfully attack and earn stars, but not spend so much money on those battles that it isn't profitable in the end. Enjoy.



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