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Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update: 5 Things to Know



The next big Clash of Clans update is right around the corner and here’s what you need to know. Supercell recently started teasing and basically confirmed Town Hall 13, Builder Base 9 upgrades, and plenty of other exciting changes that are on the way.

Yes, just a little over a year and a half after Town Hall 12 got released, the team is ready to move on to something bigger and better. And while a lot of players are likely excited for TH13, it’s the upgrades in Builder Base that are sorely needed. So, here’s what we know and all the Town Hall 13 release details.

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  • Supercell just confirmed Town Hall 13 is on the way
  • Builder Base 9 upgrades and new content
  • A 4th Hero could be released

Town Hall 13 is Officially Coming Soon

While rumors about a new Town Hall and Builder Base have been floating around for months, today we finally have some solid and concrete information.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Release Date

Yes, the leaks and rumors were true, although we’re still not 100% sure if Town Hall 13 will be green, and hey, the building might even float. Either way, Supercell will release a massive update to Clash of Clans in December of 2019. The December Clash of Clans update will deliver Town Hall 13.

Based on previous releases and updates, we believe the Town Hall 13 update will arrive on December 9th or December 16th. Mainly because Supercell typically releases updates on a Monday, and the big December 2018 update came out on Monday the 10th.

The video at the top of the page is absolutely filled with little hints, random images, text, secret photos with question marks and more. Try to decipher what Supercell released, then drop us a comment below if you find any big hints or reveals.

Builder Base 9 Upgrades Confirmed (No Builder Base 10)

Perhaps the more exciting news for average players is that the Clash of Clans December 2019 update will also bring major changes to the Builder Base. It’s the neglected step-child that rarely gets updated, doesn’t have anything exciting going on, and needed something new last year.

No, we’re not about to get Builder Base or Builder Hall 10, but something big is coming. And again, the video Supercell released could have some potential spoilers. If you look closely at the beginning when they”exhibit 09″ there’s a “Top Secret Blueprint” that shows a Dark Elixir drill. This could mean nothing, but it could also suggest some much-needed changes are coming.

We could finally get spells in the Builder Base, a Wizard troop, or that 4th hero in the game might actually be a second hero for Builder Base. Who knows? Personally, I think Supercell will release at least two new troops for the second village, maybe the hog rider, which will use Dark Elixir. And, if they don’t want to fully introduce spells into the vs battles, some sort of 2nd Wizard hero is certainly a possibility. Thoughts?

Is a 4th Hero Coming?

Another rumor that we’ve heard for the last several years is that Supercell could be gearing up to release a fourth hero. And again, we’re not sure if that’s a 4th hero for the main village or a second hero for the Builder Base. Most people think it’ll be for main villages, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Is this another Hero coming to Clash of Clans?

As you can see above, Supercell is teasing something here on the far right side of the photo. This could be a new troop for either village, or the hero. There are so many things coming in the December update that it’s really impossible to guess.

What we do know is that the King and Queen came out with Town Hall 9. Then, two upgrades later we got the Grand Warden with Town Hall 11. Following that release schedule, two upgrades later players should be able to get the 4th hero with the Town Hall 13 upgrade. I’m grasping at straws here, so who knows.

Expect Tons of Changes, New Troops, In-App Purchases, Etc

For months the team at Supercell have been saying that a major update is on the way. Supercell typically releases a few small updates here and there throughout the year, balances things out, and maybe upgrades a building or defense. However, we do get 1-3 HUGE content updates a year, typically during the summer months and again near the end of the year.

As we said earlier, the December Clash of Clans update in 2018 brought a ton of good stuff, like the Electro Dragon. Basically, we’re not only expecting lots of new content from this update, but we can almost guarantee it.

Along with the Town Hall 13 upgrade players will have a ton of upgrades to almost every major building, troop, defense, gold and elixir drills and more. However, they’ll also have a few new troops to word towards. Expect new Battle Machines, a new troop, maybe a dark troop, plus everything else that comes with big Town Hall updates.

Then, Builder Base will get something similar. You’ll get new troop levels, new troops entirely, new buildings, another defense and more. Yes, we’re almost positive that Supercell will deliver another defense in December. They simply have to if we’re getting higher troop levels and something new.

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What has me worried, however, is the continued efforts to get players to spend more and more money EVERY month. I call it the Fortnite effect. The monthly $5 season pass is just the beginning, and I think we’ll see more of that type of thing with the arrival of Town Hall 13.

In fact, there’s one part in the teaser video from Supercell that looks like a loot-crate floating down from the sky, just like on all those mobile shooter games. Now, this could simply be an x-mas present that comes down during the Christmas event and theme, but it could also be some sort of loot crate or optional purchase players can participate in.

In closing, we really have no clue what to expect and the announcement only just arrived. As the month winds down and we get closer to December expect a bunch of teasers and sneak peeks, just as Supercell always does. As they start to arrive we’ll update this post with all the details.

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