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Clash of Clans Update: 6 Things to Expect Next



Dark Elixir Troops

Dark Elixir Troops

Lately one of the biggest aspects of Clash of Clans has been Clan Wars. Allowing Clans to fight each other head on and strategize. In order to take down some of those big Town Hall 10, or new 11 bases, we'll need bigger, better, stronger troops.

When you go into the Barracks to train troops there are plenty of options. The Dark Barracks though, which uses Dark Elixir, isn't full of troops yet. Clearly Supercell plans to add more, as there are four squares that say "coming soon" so this is pretty much a given. The next update will have another Dark Elixer troop, something that will play a major role in Clan Wars, or for attacks.

Each unit targets certain things. Balloons and Giants go for defense, Lava hounds go for Air Defense, and goblins go after money. Everything has a purpose. We could see a new Dark troop that's similar to goblins that raid dark elixir, but we have a feeling the next troop will be more for attacks, not stealing money.

Maybe an evil Leprechaun that targets dark elixir only, or a flying unit that targets Inferno Towers. Those level 3 Inferno Towers are deadly, especially on single target mode. We'll have to wait and see.

What troop would you like to see next?

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