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Clash of Clans Update: 6 Things to Expect Next



New Single Player Maps

New Single Player Maps

Hit YouTube sensation and gamer, Galadon, who also works for Supercell and teases most new features and how to use them, has been teasing the idea of more single-player maps, and possible more achievements for players. With all the new stuff lately, there should be more achievements, and other changes to Clan Wars.

Chief Pat, another YouTuber that's big into Clash has mentioned this more than a few times. Going as far as claiming he's developed tons of maps and wants to blackmail Clash developers in an effort to implement them into the game. He took a trip to Finland and the Supercell HQ this summer hoping to get some more features added, but wasn't successful in his efforts. That doesn't mean they aren't coming yet, they just might not be ready.

Single Player maps are great to test new strategies for attacks, especially if we have new troops with the update. Not to mention earn gold, or a way to use troops when we don't want to waste a shield. And along with more maps will be more achievements and stars.

In May he designed tons of new single player maps and some of them could eventually make it into the Christmas update. That's what we're all hoping for at least.

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