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Clash Royale Tips for Busy People



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Watch YouTubers & Read Guides

Watch YouTubers & Read Guides

Last but not least, if you aren't winning as much as you'd like and don't have time to try new things, read some strategy guides. Or watch the top YouTube players. By watching these you'll learn little tricks to be more effective while in battle. Like using 1-elixir skeletons to "kite" an entire minion hoard across the entire front of the arena to die, and never once touch your tower. Giving you a huge 4-elixir advantage to start attacking your enemy. 

These guys make great videos on what works, what doesn't, and just use good game mechanics you can learn from watching. Teaching you how to play better, make positive elixir trades to earn an advantage, and other fun things. We'd recommend Chef Pat, NickatNyte, GamingwithMolt, or even Orange Juice Gaming. Many of Chef Pats decks have helped me get 12-win challenges, get past 4,100 trophies and more. Take advantage of what they have to offer, and be entertained at the same time. 

7 / 7
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