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12 Common Hulu Problems & Fixes



This guide will show you how to fix common Hulu problems without calling Hulu support, your Internet company, or waiting for someone else to fix an issue.

We’ll cover Hulu error codes, Hulu connection problems and common problems that you may experience on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Apple TV.

If you always have Hulu trouble in streaming in a specific room or place, you may need to upgrade to a better router. Check out the TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 on Amazon or look into a mesh Wi-Fi network to fix most common Wi-Fi issues.

We don’t typically see Hulu down for extended periods for every user. If you routinely have Hulu problems there is likely a solution that you can take to solve Hulu streaming problems on your own. There are many reasons that you cannot stream Hulu including Hulu problems, internet problems and issues with your device.

We’ll walk through a collection of Hulu problems with specific fixes for error codes and fixes you can try when you cannot stream Hulu.

Is Hulu Down?

We often see people asking if Hulu is down because they see one of these Hulu error messages on their devices.

  • Sorry, an error has occurred while streaming…
  • Video no longer available
  • Unable to reach Hulu

If you want to find out if Hulu is down, you can use DownDetector to see where people are having trouble streaming Hulu.

If Hulu is down, you will see a spike in complaints on this site, which will tell you that the issue is not you. When this happens, you may not be able to fix the problem on your own.

One thing you can do is check and see if this works on your cell phone connection. Sometimes a company like Charter, Spectrum, FIOS, Frontier or another company has trouble with specific services, which could be where the issue is.

You can check the Hulu Support Twitter account to see if there are known outages or issues. The company does Tweet when there are confirmed Hulu streaming problems which will let you know if you need to keep going on this list of problems or wait for a fix from Hulu.

Hulu may be down, but it could also be that your problem starts in your house with your player or your internet connection. Here’s how you can fix these common Hulu problems.

Does Hulu Work Abroad?

If you’re trying to watch Hulu content internationally, and you run into issues, note that the app is region-locked. Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) subscribers can stream anywhere in the U.S. including Puerto Rico and U.S. military bases.

There are workarounds, like using a VPN with a U.S. IP address, but you still may run into issues while traveling.

How to Fix Hulu Streaming Problems

If you routinely run into Hulu streaming problems like bad quality video or buffering that takes a long time to load you may need to fix problems inside your home.

How to fix Hulu streaming problems.

You can typically fix Hulu streaming problems on your own.

You should check to see if you have enough speed to stream Hulu. You can use to see what your current speed is.

Even if you pay for enough speed you may not be getting it due to issues with the company you pay for Internet access or problems with your router. It may even bee that you are too far away from the router.

Hulu requires a minimum 1.5 Mbps download speed for SD. For higher quality you need the following speeds:

  • Standard Definition (SD): 1.5 Mbps
  • High Definition (HD) 720p: 3 Mbps
  • High Definition (HD) 1080p: 6 Mbps
  • 4K Ultra HD: 16 Mbps

The next thing you should do is turn off your router, modem, and the device you are trying to stream Hulu on. Here’s a breakdown of what you should try and the order to try them in.

  • Restart your iPhone, Smart TV, Game Console or whatever device you are using to stream Hulu.
  • Restart your Router. Unplug your wireless router from power for 60 seconds then plug it back in.
  • Restart Your Modem. Unplug the modem from your Internet company for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Check the Wi-Fi Router Location. If your router is hidden behind something, move it to a higher place and out from behind items.

When you still have Hulu streaming problems you can try plugging your device directly into your modem with an ethernet cable to see if that solves the issue.

If that fixes it, then the problem is likely with your router. You may need to buy a whole home Wi-Fi system or a better router.

How to Fix Hulu Connection Problems

How to fix Hulu connection problems.

When you cannot connect to Hulu, you may need to take steps on your device to fix connection issues. First, check to see if you can visit other websites or stream videos from another service. That will tell you if there is a problem with your connection or with Hulu.

You may not see any error, or you may see “An Error Has Occurred. Please Try Again” on Hulu.

The next step is to try switching from Wi-Fi to cellular on your iPhone or Android to see if that is the issue. Sometimes you simply need to reset your cell phone connection by toggling Airplane mode on and then off as well.

You can also try the following steps. Restart the Hulu app by closing it and then re-opening it. Restarting your device or uninstalling the Hulu app and re-installing it. You can use this guide to see additional steps for your specific device.

How to Fix Hulu Error 16

Hulu error code 16 is related to an invalid region. Again, Hulu is region-locked in the United States and you’ll see this error if you try and use it elsewhere.

If you’re seeing this error and you’re in the United States, try turning off your VPN.

How to Fix Hulu Error 500

Learn how to fix Hulu 500 errors.

Learn how to fix Hulu 500 errors.

If you are trying to watch Hulu and you run into the Hulu 500 error, you could end up seeing this message in your browser or even on your device or console.

“There was an error on this page (500 error)

Sorry – we’ve encountered an unexpected error. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly”

You can try to restart your app or your device and try again. This is a general web error so you can’t fix it, but if you reload the page or try a different connection it may solve the problem. Alternately, you can try to start over on Hulu to find the TV show or movie that you want.

How to Fix Hulu Error p-dev 320

This error is a digital media player issue which means it happens when you’re watching Hulu content on a console or media player like a Roku.

Unfortunately, this error typically means there’s an issue on Hulu’s end and you may need to wait it out. If you’re feeling impatient, close the Hulu app, restart your media player, and try again.

How to Fix Hulu Error rununck 13

Hulu error rununck13 is a common playback issue. If you see this error, try the fixes above for streaming/connection issues.

If those don’t work, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to delete the Hulu app, reinstall it, and try streaming content again.

How to Fix Hulu Login Problems

Fix common Hulu login problems.

Fix common Hulu login problems.

A very common Hulu problem is that you cannot login to the service. If you are using multiple devices or trying to login while traveling this is a fairly common problem.

You can use this link to recover your password by email. If you don’t know what email you have, use this link to contact Hulu for help.

With a Hulu subscription you can watch on many devices, but only one device at a time. That means if someone is watching on the TV, you cannot watch on your iPhone.

How to Fix Hulu Loops or Restarting Problems

When using the Hulu app you may see content loops or programs restart after ads. If this is an issue you run into very often it may be your device, rather than a Hulu problem.

A former Hulu support tech says that this is a common issue with Sony Blu-Ray players that use Hulu. If you plan to watch Hulu on your TV and you need a device, look for reviews that specifically mention Hulu as older Hulu supported devices may not get updates that allow for a better experience.

It may be time to buy a new Apple TV, Roku, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, or a new Smart TV.

How to Fix Hulu Problems on Android

When you try to stream Hulu on Android phones and tablets you may run into some common issues that stop streams or don’t let you stream at all.

When your Hulu stream is poor quality or choppy, you should run a speed test to see if the connection you have is fast enough. Your Wi-Fi connection may be bad or your cell phone signal may be too bad. You can try turning Wi-Fi off or Airplane mode on and off and then attempt streaming again.

How to fix Hulu problems on Android.

How to fix Hulu problems on Android.

Turn your Android phone or tablet off for a full minute. Then restart and try again.

Clear the Hulu App Cache. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Hulu then choose Clear Cache.

Restart the app or force stop the app. You can do this by going to your running apps and swiping to the side to close it. You can also choose to Force Stop that app by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Hulu then choose Force Stop.

If that fails, you should uninstall Hulu, restart the phone and then reinstall Hulu. To uninstall go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Hulu then choose Uninstall.

Some devices will not let you stream Hulu if there is an unlocked bootloader, if the device is rooted, or is running Cyanogenmod.

The Hulu app will not let you stream content to the phone and out to a TV with an HDMI cable or with wireless display.

How to Fix Hulu Problems on iPhone & iPad

How to fix Hulu problems on iPhone and iPad.

How to fix Hulu problems on iPhone and iPad.

If you run into iPhone or iPad Hulu problems, you should do a speed test as we mentioned earlier in this guide. You can switch connections and see if that solves the problem or simply toggle Airplane mode on and off which can sometimes reset your connection. If you still have iPhone Hulu problems, follow these steps:

  • Restart your iPhone or iPad and leave it off for at least 15 seconds before you turn it back on.
  • Force quit the Hulu app.

If that doesn’t work. tap and hold on Hulu and then tap the X to uninstall Hulu. Restart your iPhone or iPad and then find Hulu on the App Store and reinstall it. This can solve many stubborn problems.

You should also see if there is an iOS update for your phone. Another step is to reset your network settings. To do this go to Settings -> General -> Tap Transfer or Reset -> Tap Reset -> Tap Reset Network Settings. You will need to re-enter some information like Wi-Fi passwords, but you won’t need to restore your apps and data.



  1. Lisa

    04/22/2017 at 5:19 am

    I’m trying to watch one of my daily shows and the last time it uploaded on Hulu was Monday. I don’t have this issue on my other TV and the current shows are appearing on HULU. Any idea why it’s not appearing in both tv’s that HULU is connected to?

  2. Glenn

    07/01/2017 at 5:22 pm

    Hulu rebooted my ATv 5 times in 20 minutes today. Hulu is NOT going to help because they would rather you upgrade to the more expensive ad-free version. It’s ridiculous. I have cancelled my subscription. It reboots at least 3 times per show and today was the last straw. Five times before the program was half way in and each time after a commercial. So you either upgrade or watch the ads over and over. It’s not a glitch, it’s a plan.

    • Chris

      12/15/2017 at 9:39 pm

      Too bad it’s gottabemobile and not gotta be smart. Get a better writer please.

    • Bridgette

      04/23/2018 at 12:43 pm

      Sorry to say but its not the plan either. I have the upgraded plan and it still freezes then restarts my phone. Over and over. Hulu works perfect on all other phones, xbox, etc, it is only my LG G5 that gives up on Hulu. Sorry…

  3. asus router customer service

    02/22/2018 at 2:53 am

    We see people asking if Hulu is down because they see one of these Hulu error messages on their devices. this is mainly generated by I phones, tv, and android etc. please tell me how can I use Hulu without shows any error.

  4. Robert

    03/25/2019 at 7:50 am

    I had hulu in the past and had nothing but problems. Dumped them for YouTube Tv and have not had an issue since. Just now decided to give them a try again and having the same issues as i did before. I have now installed fiber optic internet with 200 mbps checked my speed on the roku in my den 96 mbps and hulu still is choppy. Tyred everything and nothing works for Hulu, but YouTube Tv works effortlessly even the picture is as clear as can be. Guess i will be dumping Hulu forever as they cant seem to get thing right in there platform.

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