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Common WatchESPN Problems & How to Fix Them



This guide will show you how to fix WatchESPN problems that can stop you from watching your favorite sporting event live on the WatchESPN app. We’ll show you how to fix the problems on your own, without waiting for WatchESPN customer support to help you, so that you don’t miss a moment of the action.

From WatchESPN error codes to freezing video and not being able to login with your cable provider’s information this guide will walk you through the fastest way to fix problems with the WatchESPN app and streaming video service.

While WatchESPN isn’t down for extended periods often, huge spikes in viewership can take the service offline as many users all tune in for the start of an event and overwhelm the system.

Is WatchESPN Down?

One of the biggest questions we see is, “Is WatchESPN down?” This is a common complaint from users, and if the service is down you may see error 308 or the app and stream may not work at all.

You can check out a site like Down Detector to see if other users are complaining and look at the #WatchESPN hashtag on Twitter where users are vocal if there is an issue with the app.

If the app is down for everyone you can’t fix anything on your end, but you can try using ESPN on your TV, or in the app like SlingTV instead of inside of WatchESPN if you subscribe to a cord cutting service like that.

How to Fix WatchESPN Skipping, Buffering & Freezing

Try these steps to fix Watch ESPN buffering or freezing on any device.

Try these steps to fix Watch ESPN buffering or freezing on any device.

The biggest WatchESPN app problem according to users is that the video skips, buffers or freezes when trying to watch a game. There are some things you can try to fix this problem. Here’s the list of what you should do to try and fix these issues.

  1. Restart the WatchESPN App
  2. Restart your device
  3. Try another device
  4. Switch from WiFi to LTE
  5. Restart your Router

In most cases one of these steps will fix the WatchESPN buffering, if it is in any way connected to you individually. If it is a nationwide issue, there is nothing you can do. Some users report that when they can’t reliably stream WatchESPN without skipping on the Amazon Fire Stick, they can stream it fine on Xbox One, so if at all possible, try on another device.

How to Fix WatchESPN Login Issues

Another common problem is not being able to login to WatchESPN. If this happens you should restart the app, make sure you have the latest version and then try to login again.

Make sure you are using the correct username and password for your streaming service or cable company. If you borrow the login from your parents or a friend, you should make sure they haven’t updated the password.

How to Fix WatchESPN App Crashes

If the WatchESPN app is crashing regularly you need to try three things. These can solve most crash problems in a few minutes.

  • Force close the app on your device and open the app to see if that fixes it.
  • Check for updates to the WatchESPN app.
  • Uninstall WatchESPN and re-install it.

If these don’t fix it, you can also check for updates for your device, which can help with stability overall.

How to Fix WatchESPN Connection Problems

Use these steps to fix WatchESPN connection problems.

Use these steps to fix WatchESPN connection problems.

While many times the WatchESPn problems are on their end, if you have connection problems you should start by seeing if there is something wrong with your network at home.

Check to see if you can visit other websites or use another streaming service. If you can do that, then that should rule out the problems on your home network. You may want to restart your router or modem if you can’t visit other websites. Turning these off and back on a minute later can solve many connection problems.

If you are on a smartphone, turn WiFi off and see if you can stream WatchESPN over LTE. This will use up your data, but at least you can see if the home network is the issue.

You may also need to restart the WatchESPN app, restart your device or try uninstalling WatchESPN and re-installing it if you keep running into connection problems.

How to Fix WatchESPN Error 0033

WatchESPN error 0033 is a common issue that users run into when trying to use the app. This error happens often if there is a change in your package or someone changes around options with your cable provider. It is also an issue that may occur if you are using watchESPN on a WiFi connection out of state from where the billing address is according to forum members.

Switching from WiFi to LTE allowed these users to start streaming WatchESPN again without any issues. One idea is that the service is blocking IP addresses, but there is no proof that is happening.

How to Fix WatchESPN Error 0066

If you see WatchESPN Error 0066 you can fix this very easily if you know your password. You need to go to the providers section of the app and sign out. From there you can sign back in. That should solve the issue. Most of the time this is due to the app not prompting you to sign back in after an extended period.

How to Fix WatchESPN Error 302

If you see WatchESPN error 302 on your computer you are running into an issue with ads or with Flash. the easiest thing to do is try another browser. Users report good luck switching to the stock browser that came with their computer. Edge on Windows and Safari on MacOS. That should fix the problem for most users.

You can also try disabling an ad blocker, which could prevent the streams from working since you are blocking ads. The instructions to disable or white list a domain will vary, but you can try just turning the ad blocker off first to see if that solves the problem.

How to Fix Other WatchESPN Problems

If you continue to have WatchESPN problems that you cannot fix, you will need to get help from ESPN. Skip Twitter and go straight to the ESPN Customer Care team which can help you solve more complex and annoying problems.

Most of the time your cable company will not be able to help you with WatchESPN problems, other than to verify that you are eligible to use the app, so going to ESPN is the best option.

Use this link to contact WatchESPN customer support.

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1 Comment

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    09/21/2019 at 9:06 am

    Tried all of the above to load your app with no success . Think I’m just going to delete it forever and try another app

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