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10 Cool Things the Pixel 4a Can do



What can the Pixel 4a do? You might think that a $349 phone cuts a lot of corners, or that it doesn’t do a whole lot, but it’s a feature-rich phone. Here are 10 cool things that the Pixel 4a can do.

This includes software features, cool camera tricks, and some lesser-known or hidden features on the Pixel 4a. With new software updates coming, you’ll get new features as the phone ages.

Whether you are looking to buy the Pixel 4a or simply trying to find out what your new phone can do, we have you covered.

What Can the Pixel 4a Do?

Here’s a list of cool things the Pixel 4a can do.

This is more than just a cheap phone, it’s arguably the best phone camera at the pice and Google packs a ton of software and hardware enabled features into the phone.

The Pixel 4a isn’t the only cheap phone, but it is one of the few Android options that is especially tempting due to all it can do for the price. There are a lot of useful features and even a few time-savers built-in. Here’s what the Pixel 4a can do;

  1. Take Amazing Photos
  2. Google Assistant That Simplifies Your Life
  3. Take Night Sight Photos
  4. Last Longer With an Adaptive Battery
  5. Take Beautiful Portrait Photos
  6. Fast Charge
  7. Keep Your Data Secure
  8. Help Keep You Safe
  9. Works with Wired Headphones
  10. Record Sharp, Stable Video

Read on below to learn more about each of these features. If you are looking to buy, Amazon is a good place to get the Pixel 4a. We also have a roundup of Pixel 4a cases to check out.

Take Amazing Photos

The Pixel 4a takes stunning photos.

Even though the Pixel 4a is a budget phone, the camera is pretty spectacular. With HDR+ you get better color and lighting in your photos without doing extra work.

While there is only one lens on the back, it puts in a ton of work and delivers really impressive photos with very little work on your part.

Point, shoot, appreciate.

Google Assistant That Simplifies Your Life

The Google Assistant is baked right into the Pixel 4a, and that means you get fast access to finding things on your phone, sharing things with friends, and more.

The Pixel 4a includes Call Screening to end robocalls without your phone even ringing. You can also automatically transcribe the speech that you record and then search the recordings.

Take Night Sight Photos

The camera also features Night Sight, which allows you to take amazing low light photos. This can be of a person or object, or a stunning night sky photo that shows the galaxy in new ways.

You don’t need to buy lenses or apps, but you may want a tripod or small stand for better low light performance.

Last Longer With an Adaptive Battery

The Pixel 4a packs in a larger battery than the Pixel 4 and with an adaptive battery feature you can expect it to last all day. Early reviews indicate that the battery is especially impressive. You can count on this battery to get you through even high-use days!

Take Beautiful Portrait Photos

Even though you only have one lens, you can still take great-looking portrait photos.

These are photos that blur the background for an artistic look that brings your subject into focus.

After you take the photo, you can adjust the amount of blur. The performance is incredible for a budget phone with one lens.

Fast Charge

Fast Charge with the included charger.

You can use the included charger and USB C cable to fast charge the Pixel 4a. This should result in about 7 hours of use from a 15-minute charge. This varies based on the charger you use, but if you are using an 18W PD or higher charger, you can expect fast charging.

Keep Your Data Secure

The Pixel 4a packs in a Titan M security chip. This keeps your data and the Android operating system safe.

Google also promises the latest Android OS updates and security updates dor at least three years. That means you can use this phone for the long haul and know that you will get new features and be protected from security issues.

Help Keep You Safe

With Emergency Sharing and Personal Safety, you can stay safe and connected.

You can use this feature to share your real-time location and connect with a friend or family member immediately.

If the phone senses that you’ve been in a car accident of crash, it can automatically call 911 for you.

Works with Wired Headphones

The Pixel 4a includes a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is something that not many phones offer in 2020.

Instead of needing to remember a dongle to connect headphones or to plug into a car, you can simply plug a pair of headphones or an aux cord in and start jamming.

Record Sharp, Stable Video

The Pixel 4a uses software and hardware stabilization to keep your video from bouncing around. This results in smooth videos even when you are moving.

The video above shows you how the Pixel 4a video performance compares to the iPhone SE 2020 edition.

Last update on 2023-06-02. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read our disclosure policy for more details. Images via Amazon API

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