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Cyber Monday Deal: Motorola Triumph Only $150 at Virgin Mobile



We just showed you five amazing Cyber Monday deals that you can get through Amazon but we also wanted to alert you to a couple of deals that Virgin Mobile has going one for a few of its smartphones. The carrier currently has three smartphones listed at 50% for Cyber Monday and the list includes the Motorola Triumph, LG Optimus V and the LG Optimus Slider.

With the discount, the Motorola Triumph’s price falls to a mere $150, the LG Optimus V to $100 and the LG Optimus Slider to $65. Throw in the fact that none of these require a contract and you’ll realize how good of a deal this is.

We are big fans of the Motorola Triumph and at this price, it’s certainly worth it to consider making it your next smartphone.

Motorola Triumph

The deal is for today only which means that you’re going to have to act fast.

You can find all of the details here.



  1. Makemetiny

    11/28/2011 at 9:26 pm

    I have been trying to order the LG Optimus Slider for over 2 hours to no avail.  I have tried to order it 7 times.  I called VM and no one helped me; they gave me the run around.  I contacted my bank to see if the processing error was on their end, it was not.  Someone at Virgin Mobile is reversing the charge.  I have spoken with 4 different people and no one can tell me what the problem is.  I’m on the phone, actually hold, right now after speaking with “tech support” for a financial issue.  He states the phone is out of stock and they don’t update the site for 50 days(say what?!) and I can not recieve a raincheck for their error.  

    I was told that if I ordered over the phone it would cost the original amount of $199, but I tried to order it online 4 times but their system kept screwing it up, so what is a customer supposed to do then?  I just called for a 7th time and was told the phone is in stock and I can get it for only $99.99.  Either their employees don’t care about costing the company money or they’re trained to lie to customers.  It sucks cuz you know no one in that company really gives a damn about its customers and we suffer for it.  Bastards.

    • Robert

      11/29/2011 at 1:51 am

      Same thing with me only I tried several attempts to aquire the Triumph. I have proof hat the transaction was processed, however NO ORDER NUMBER WAS GIVEN !! After speaking with Customer Service, then the order department, I was told to check my bank statement as well. I aquired proof of sufficient funds on my CC, so this is obviously a case of fraud.

      Everyone that was denied a phone that complied with the the ad’s timing: ie: 12 AM to 12 PM, Cyber Monday, Nov. 28, is urged to contact their state’s fair business practices dept.and keep on Virgin and Sprint (Virgin is a subsidiary of Sprint) by obtaining from the Secretary of their respective state, a copy of the corporate charter with the official address/representative and take them to small claims court.

      Keep posting Sprint/Virgin’s fraud eveywhere you can. We have the power as one: never forget that there are rules in place for this kind of deliberate fraud but it must be collectively pursued by many to have effect!

      • Red Oscar

        11/29/2011 at 7:38 am

        I was able to order my Motorola Triumph yesterday just fine. I expect to receive it before the end of the week.

        • Red Oscar

          12/04/2011 at 6:05 pm

          Just an update to my experience on this event, my Motorola Triumph arrived on Thursday evening by FedEx.  After charging overnight, I put the phone into service Friday morning, doing a phone swap from my old Samsung Intercept.  This was completed in less than 5 minutes.

          This phone is a keeper.  Phone and data functions all seem to work normally (much better data throughput than the Intercept).  GPS takes about 90 seconds to lock inside my house.  Bluetooth connectivity to my XLink Gateway has been flawless.  I do have a minimal amount of backlight bleed on the lower corners on totally black screens.  Screen sensitivity is as good as my Intercept and the two Optimus V’s we also use.  I’ve ordered an HDMI cable to test that feature.  This Cyber Monday sale price of the phone and our $25 plan make this a phenomenal value this is unbeatable.

        • Red Oscar

          01/28/2012 at 7:27 am

          Another update on my Triumph after 6 weeks of use:  Generally speaking, my Motorola has been solid.  The only feature that has been a disappointment has been the bluetooth connectivity to my XLink Gateway.  At first, it seemed that it worked well, but in reality, the phone and XLink would disconnect and never give any indication.  Because the connection was so unreliable, I have had to discontinue its use.  Other than this one issue, I have been very satisfied with my Triumph.

    • Profes45

      11/29/2011 at 10:11 pm

      I also tried to order the phone Sunday evening, as well as on Monday, and got the same run around, transferred from one customer service person to at least four.  When attempting to process, I would just receive errors, with the same repeated message over and over, but could not finalize the process.  When I called, I was also told I had to order the phone online “only” to receive the discount.  Yet, I explained to Customer service that no where online does it state that I “must” order online in order to obtain the sale price.  I was not offered a raincheck or anything, but alot of excuses.  When asked to speak with a Supervisor I was placed on hold for over 40 mins. and no one ever responded, nor did I speak with a Supervisor.  In fact, on the website it does provide a phone number if you would like to order over the phone via customer service.  The sale did not even last all day on Monday.  I was also told by customer serivce that I would be transferred to the  “sales dept.” only to finally be told there is “no sales dept.”, and the customer service person laughed.  I would like to know how many people were able to actually order the phone.  I think everyone who experiences the same problem in an attempt to order this phone, should get together, sign a complaint and forward it to corporate office demanding a “rain check”.  By law, if the item is not available and/or in stock during the sale promotion, a “rain check” must be issued.  However, since I was so furious as to how I was treated, I decided to locate the corporate office and did make contact.  For those of you who would like that information, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].  I DO NOT THINK VIRGIN MOBILE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THIS.  Also, their customer service is horrible, and VM must make some major changes in this area.

  2. Minzako Nano

    11/29/2011 at 9:24 am

    Cyber Monday Deal & Special Price Offer at

  3. Lola Falala

    12/02/2011 at 7:00 pm

    I tried placing an order online using a debit card but it wouldn’t not process my order.  I then tried using my credit card, but it still would not process.  I called VM twice and the 2nd time,  the rep placed the order for me.  I was even able to use a coupon code which brought the price down to $120 + $8.40 in tax.  The shipping was free.  I received a confirmation email along with a tracking#.  My phone will be here on Monday and I am so happy.  This was an excellent deal!!

  4. boconcepts

    01/27/2012 at 11:09 am

    are they going to drop price again?? anyone please!

    • Red Oscar

      01/28/2012 at 7:19 am

      I would not count on this discount any time in the near future.  Unless Virgin Mobile goes to another high end model and wishes to clear out stock, you may have to wait until next Cyber Monday in 2012.  My two sons, who are also on VM, love my phone and would love to buy it if the price ever came down like this again.  I watch for them constantly.

  5. Rob

    02/01/2012 at 3:25 pm

    I would not count on it. Icontacted the FCC and received a call from Virgin in IN. Not only did tthey have plenty of phones in stock on Cyber Monday) but they changed their story 3 times form INF with CC, to “out of Stock” to “while supplies last. When I provided proof that all 3 were outright lies by Virgin, the representative stated “tough luck, we can do what we want” They know very few of us have the ‘staying power’ and time to go to court, but in that forum they lose as there is plenty of proof-for example. the following day I was able to order a ‘Triumph” for regular price…it still has not arrived and that was 2 months ago.

    This Virgin ‘Cyber Monday’ beahvior is indicative of both our complacency as consumers and the communications industry’s deliberate arrogance and fraud. They know most of us will do just about anything to save money and/or grab up new technology.

    So we should blame ourselves for the tech industry holding us hostage.

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