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December Black Ops 3 Update + What’s New



The December Black Ops 3 update is live on PS4 and Xbox One. Here is what’s new in the Black Ops hotfix and the larger December patch.

Last Tuesday the new Black Ops 3 PC patch release arrived and a week later Treyarch delivered the first post update hotfix with fixes for some problems, Scorestreak tuning, inactive player kicks and new changes that include Zombies Multiplayer changes.

This new Black Ops 3 update 4 rolls up the 19 Black Ops 3 weapons changes from last week, scorestreak changes and bundles in a collection of important changes to the Black Market, Cryptokeys, split screen, Zombies and more. The PC Black Ops 3 patch includes optimizations and bug fixes in addition to the other changes.

Here’s what’s new in the December Black Ops 3 Patch, also known as update 4.

Shortly after the release a new December Black Ops 3 hotfix arrived to fix some problems with update 4. Black Ops 3 is now available with the following fixes, on top of the major changes below.

  • Your Scorestreaks can now kill you again.
  • Hellstorm buffed
  • Wraith defense buffed
  • Fixes for multiple Medal tracking and Challenge tracking
  • Black Market Fixes for looping sound and missing images
  • Brass Knuckles Tuant fixed

Treyarch released another patch for the December Black Ops 3 update that adds more aggressive booting for players who are inactive in the game.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 hotfix update builds on the above changes, adding,

  • Safeguard win condition improvements
  • Talon final killcam.
  • Black Ops 3 matchmaking tweaks.
  • Breadcrumbing shenanigans
  • Zombies Multiplayer changes

It’s not clear what the Black Ops 3 zombies multiplayer changes are or exactly what the matchmaking tweaks are, but it could fix the lopsided matches some players are experiencing.

At the end of a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend Treyarch pushed live a new Black Ops 3 patch that includes a large number of changes. This brings the PS4 Black Ops 3 version up to 1.04.

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The official December Black Ops 3 patch notes for the 12/14/15 update are now live and included in the closer look at what’s new below.

This is what's new in the December Black Ops 3 update for Xbox One and PS4, and soon coming to PC.

This is what’s new in the December Black Ops 3 update for Xbox One and PS4, and soon coming to PC.

This is a large update at almost 3GB on PS4. The Xbox One Black Ops 3 update for December is just over 1GB, but this may vary based on what previous hotfixes you’ve installed. Users on Steam report the PC Black Ops 3 patch is 680MB.

What you need to know about the December Black Ops 3 update that delivers the 1.04 patch to users.

What you need to know about the December Black Ops 3 update that delivers the 1.04 patch to users.

When you login to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS4 and Xbox One you may get a prompt to install the Patch 1.04, but it may already be installed depending on your settings.

The same should happen on PC when you play next. If you don’t see an update, you should restart Steam. @pcdev on Twitter, a Treyarch employee shares that this includes the changes from the Xbox One and PS4 updates as well as, ” More optimizations and bug fixes for PC.

The size of the update may vary, but this is a fairly large update, so it is a good idea to make sure it is installed before you try to sit down and play. We are already seeing reports of December Black Ops 3 update problems with users unable to download due to corrupt files.

Gamers need to install the December Black Ops 3 update to play online. If you do not install this you will not be able to join multiplayer games once it is available on your system. This rolls up many of the hotfixes from December including the weapons changes that were live over the weekend.

Here’s what’s new in the December Black Ops 3 Update 1.04 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

New Black Ops 3 Secondary Weapons

When you go to the secondary tab you will now see three new secondary weapons to choose from. These include a Wrench, Butterfly Knife and Bras Knuckles.

You need to unlock them from the Black Market, with Cryptokeys. You do not unlock them by playing and leveling up like other weapons.

With any melee weapon you can now use flourish and inspect animations.

  • Flourish animations can be triggered by pressing the Use/Reload button with any melee weapon equipped.
  • Inspect animations can be triggered by pressing and holding the ADS button with any melee weapon equipped.

This is a cool way to see camos and paintjobs in game.

Black Ops 3 Black Market & Cryptokey Changes

The December Black Ops 3 update adds a new option to trade in duplicates that you receive in a Supply Drop on the Black Market for new Cryptokeys. After upgrading you can see recent items you received and “burn” items for Cryptokeys. You will also earn Cryptokeys faster.

There are bonus Cryptokeys included in some supply drops and there is new Specialist gear that users can unlock in the Black Market. There are also now reticles in supply drops.

Some users report that the Rare Supply Drop has a better chance of delivering Legendary and Epic gear.

This may be preparation for an option to buy Call of Duty points that you can use towards Supply Drops, rumored to start on December 15th.

Specialists Changes

It will now take longer to earn Specialist powers and weapons in objective game modes and there is a nerf to the Scythe. It will now take longer to earn the Scythe in any game mode.

Quick Join Black Ops 3 Games

You can now Quick Join friends who are already online and playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 after both of you have this new 1.04 patch installed. This will make partying up simpler.

Split-Screen Changes

If you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 split screen, the new patch reportedly delivers a better experience with better looking textures. The black bars are still there, but graphics look better. We’re waiting for official details or a comparison video. The patch notes also list fixes for split screen issues and bugs in campaign mode and Nightmares mode.

Custom Game Settings

There is now an option to save custom game settings in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 so that you don’t need to recreate crazy game modes each time you want to play.

Match Counter

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Patch 1.04 includes a new match counter in the create a class or profile area. We’re looking into this more, but it may show you how many matches played with that weapon or class.

Black Ops 3 Prestige Changes

With the nee Black Ops 3 patch there are a number of small, but important changes to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Prestige options and levels.

Once you reach Prestige Master you can choose your emblem and you can choose from older titles like World at War, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2.

When you hit Prestige Master you can keep leveling up to level 56 and level 57 all the way up to 1,000 according to reports.

Black Ops 3 Weapons Changes

This update includes the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 weapons changes that went live as part of a hotfix last week and Scorestreak changes that went live at the same time. here is a list of the changes.

Weapons By Class

  • Submachine Guns
    • Kuda
      • Increased recoil control.
    • Weevil
      • Increased recoil control.
    • Razorback
      • Increased recoil control.
      • Increased damage range.
    • Vesper
      • Reduced damage range.
    • VMP
      • Reduced aim down sight speed.
      • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
This is what you need to know about the December Black Ops 3 weapons changes.

This is what you need to know about the December Black Ops 3 weapons changes.

  • Assault Rifles
    • KN-44
      • Increased recoil control.
    • HVK-30
      • Increased recoil control.
    • ICR-1
      • Increased recoil control.
      • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
      • Fixed an issue with the reload animation when a certain magazine was equipped.
    • Man-O-War
      • Increased recoil control.
    • XR-2
      • Reduced movement speed.
    • M8A7
      • Reduced fire rate.
  • Shotguns
    • KRM-262
      • Increased damage, it will now be a maximum 2 shot kill.
    • 205 Brecci
      • Increased damage range.
    • Haymaker 12
      • Increased damage range.
  • Light Machine Guns
    • Dingo
      • Increased movement speed while firing.
      • Increased recoil control.
    • 48 Dredge
      • Reduced fire rate.
  • Pistols
    • MR6
      • Increased movement speed.
    • RK5
      • Increased movement speed.
      • Reduced damaged range.
    • L-CAR 9
      • Increased movement speed.
      • Reduced damage.
      • Reduced hip fire accuracy.

Attachement Changes

  • Supressor
    • Increased damage range.
  • Laser Sight
    • Increased hip fire accuracy on Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns.
  • Fast Mags
    • Increased reload speed.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Changed to increase the fire rate and not the burst delay on burst weapons.
  • Dual Wield
    • Reduced movement speed.
    • Reduced switch weapon speed.

The concussion grenade is nerfed with less stun time overall in this update.

Read more about the weapons changes and Scorestreak changes to learn about 14 weapons buffed and 8 weapons nerfed in this update.

December Black Ops 3 Scorestreak Changes

There are many Scorestreak changes in the December Black OPs 3 update that make your scorestreaks harder to destroy and more damaging.

Check out the video above for examples, and the Black Ops 3 patch notes for December below for specifics.

  • General
    • Aerial Scorestreaks must be within a minimum distance from the map before locking onto them with a Launcher.
  • HC-XD
    • Increased explosive damage.
  • UAV
    • Increased base health.
  • Counter-UAV
    • Increased base health.
  • Dart
    • Increased explosive damage for collision explosion.
    • Reduced minimum speed.
    • Handling tuning.
    • Fixed an issue where the Dart was not locking onto enemy players.
  • Lightning Strike
    • Increased speed of payload delivery after target selection.
  • Hellstorm
    • Increased explosive damage of cluster bomblets.
  • Cerebus
    • Increased missiles required to destroy by 1.
    • Increased EMP Grenades required to destroy by 1.
  • Rolling Thunder
    • Increased explosive radius per drone.
    • Increased explosive damage per drone.
    • Increased health per drone.
    • Added 4 pairs of drones.
  • Talon
    • Increased damage when AI controlled.
  • Wraith
    • Increased base health.
    • Fixed an issue where the Flak Drone would not intercept incoming missiles.
  • R.A.P.S.
    • Increased missiles required to destroy Deploy Ship by 1.
    • Increased health per drone.
    • Increased explosive damage per drone.
  • G.I. Unit
    • Increased number of War Machine hits required to destroy.
    • Increased duration of G.I. Unit.
    • Increased recovery speed when stunned by an EMP grenade.
  • Mothership
    • Increased missiles required to destroy by 2.
    • Increased explosive bullet damage for owner turret.
    • Increased projectile speed of missiles for owner turret.

Black Ops 3 Perks Changes

The new Black Ops 3 update changes how you earn some perks and how well some of them work. You can use these to earn your specialist ability faster or get a scorestreak bonus when you start.

    • Overclock
      • Increased earn rate.
    • Ante Up
      • Increased starting bonus toward Scorestreaks.
    • Hard Wired
      • Increased effectiveness against enemies who have Sixth Sense equipped.

The Hard Wired perk will help you avoid detection better even against players who are using the Sixth Sense perk.

Additional Black Ops 3 Patch Notes

There are also some smaller Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 changes that you can see in the game. We expect to see more added when the official patch notes arrive. Here are the general changes and the General Gameplay changes added with the December Black Ops 3 update on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

General Fixes

  • Enabled Guest Account functionality for split screen.
  • Quick Join option added to the Multiplayer Main Menu. This allows Players to party-up with any eligible Players on their Friends List who are currently playing Black Ops III.
  • Multiplayer Music option in the Audio menu now allows players to preview music samples and change the music heard when playing Multiplayer.
  • Custom Games functionality has been expanded. Support has been added for official Custom Game Variants as well as saving Custom Games.
  • Fixed an error that would occasionally occur when returning to the Multiplayer Lobby after completing a match or entering/exiting the Arena Lobby.

Gameplay Fixes

  • XP earn rate increased for Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Safeguard, Demolition, and Free-For-All.
  • Increased rate at which Cryptokeys are earned.
  • Players no longer get points for killing teammates with the Satellite Drone in Uplink, when Friendly-Fire is enabled in Custom Games.
  • Players will no longer spawn at the same point in Free-For-All if there are more than 8 players in a Custom Match.
  • Fixed an issue where the tinted full screen effect would remain after the player had exited the Hardened Sentry.
  • Improved the Dart Scorestreak’s ability to lock onto enemy targets.
  • Fixed a start spawn issue with Free-For-All where waiting to select a class could spawn the Player behind other Players.
  • Improved enemy spawns during Gun Game and Free-For-All.
  • Players who join a Free-For-All or Gun Game match in-progress will not have a loss recorded if they do not place in the Top 3.
  • Addressed an issue where Players would get disconnected from Gun Game if they joined a match in-progress.
  • Players will now be kicked for inactivity if idling in Gun Game.


Map Exploit Fixes

  • Hunted
    • Addressed an exploit where players were able to mantle to an unintended area on top of a waterfall.
  • Aquarium
    • Fixed an exploit where players were able to mantle and reach a non-playable area.
  • Combine
    • Changing Hardpoint rotation for gameplay balancing.
    • Fixed an exploit involving the Dart Scorestreak and one of the building walls.
  • Evac
    • Fixed an exploit where players were able to contest the center Hardpoint from outside the Hardpoint boundaries.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Arena Changes

  • Adding Power Rating when reaching Arena Masters rank.
  • Added support for displaying restricted item warnings.
  • Addressed an issue where players were able to ban or protect multiple items.
  • Leaving any time after ban/protect or draft in Pro-Series will result with the player losing a star.
  • Leaving before the match ends in Moshpit will count as a loss and the player will lose a star.
  • If the player has 0 stars for their current rank, they will not lose any stars. This applies to Pro-Series and Moshpit.
  • If the Player completes a match with a win/loss/draw, the correct stars are now awarded.
  • Players now properly receive losses when playing Search & Destroy in Arena.


  • Kill Feed colors will no longer swap when a CODcaster switches between players on opposing teams.
  • Fixed an issue where teams would occasionally be swapped on the Round Win and Game Win screens.
  • Addressed an issue in Uplink where the Satellite Drone would show an incorrect ‘Away’ tag when switching to the other team’s perspective.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect team coloring on the minimap.
  • Outcome will now show the winning team’s name.
  • Death icons will now be colored by team.
  • CODcaster will no longer be affected by EMP grenades.
  • CODcaster will now show clantags.


  • Fixed an issue where Concussion Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, and Trip Mines weren’t properly getting tracked for Challenges.
  • Updated Challenges for new Black Market melee weapons.

My Showcase

  • File-share support added for Custom Games, Screenshots, and Edited Films.

Theater Mode Upgrades

  • Basic
    • Create shot using the basic replay functionality.
    • Screenshot functionality has been added.
  • Director
    • Create epic shot using animated dolly camera.
  • Object Link
    • Attach the camera to Scorestreaks, Lethals, and Tacticals.
  • Timeline Editor
    • Add dynamic lights to the map to enhance your shot.
  • Highlight Reel
    • An auto-generated clip based off of the player’s recent games.

December Black Ops 3 Zombies Patch Notes

Dr. Monty’s Factory

  • Be sure to check out Dr. Monty’s Factory in the Zombies game mode lobby. You can use your vials of Liquid Divinium earned in Zombies mode to create GobbleGums by placing vials in the vats. GobbleGums are one-time use perks for Zombies mode and come in multiple rarities which have varying effects on your Zombies match. Use one vial to create one GobbleGum or experiment with two or three vials at a time for more GobbleGums and better odds at getting a Rare Mega GobbleGum, an Ultra-Rare Mega GobbleGum or a Special Sphere!


  • Addressed an issue with Weapon Kits when reaching Prestige in Zombies.

Shadows of Evil

  • Addressed exploits in the Shadows of Evil map.
  • Addressed various areas where zombies would not path to players.
  • The Dark Ops challenges should now unlock properly when reaching Prestige and completing the final Easter Egg.
  • Fixed an issue involving an active Level 2 Ghost Sword and the KN-44 wall-buy in the Footlight District.

The Giant

  • Addressed exploits in The Giant map.
  • Addressed various areas where zombies would not path to players.
Black Ops 3 Tips for Busy People

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Tips to Level Up Faster

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Tips to Level Up Faster

Even if you aren't grinding, you do need to use these Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tips to level up faster if you want to unlock the fun weapons, attachments and perks that will help you be a better player.

Check out this guide with Black Ops 3 tips to level up faster and earn more XP. To rank up faster in Black Ops 3 you'll need to earn more XP. The video below focuses on how you can earn XP faster in Black Ops 3.

In addition to picking the right game mode, you should focus on the Black Ops 3 challenges that allow you to earn extra XP.

You can rank up your player, but you can also rank up your weapons. Find the right challenges and switch up your weapons as you play to earn more XP.

The consensus this year is that the best Black Ops 3 game mode to rank up fast in is Kill Confirmed. in this mode you earn 150XP for killing and picking up the dog tags left after the kill. Play this game mode with that focus and you will level up faster.



  1. Steve T.

    12/14/2015 at 1:19 pm

    The split screen was tweaked from the original way they had it. Before each screen had a little bit wider of a viewing area yet the text and things in the distance were a little construed. They fixed the viewing ratio, but now I can actually read who I kill and see the score a lot better and I guess I don’t have the advantage playing with my friend and having a little bit wider of an angle to see things with. Because a couple of my killcams were a little confusing until I actually started shooting at somebody on screen.

  2. Mike

    12/14/2015 at 1:58 pm

    Ive been trying for hours to get online and play multiplayer on the network but I cant connect? The update was done and now I cant play online any suggestions?

  3. Billy the kid

    12/14/2015 at 3:29 pm

    Renew your licenses for ps4 hope this helps

  4. Joe

    12/14/2015 at 4:57 pm

    When will clans be brought back to call of duty? I feel that a minority of players got pleased while the majority got screwed. How you find run clan wars on every game and then stop doing it? Like it’s gonna make a difference. You still gonna have clans regardless if there is clan wars or not. They are already all over it. I see clans in every lobby. So to stop clan wars or even doing a clan objectives type thing. Was just stupid. Specially if it was done specifically to stop people from having to play in a lobby with clan members. This game is trash as Call Of Duty is a dying franchise. Which just made its downfall easier.

    • Turner

      12/15/2015 at 8:00 am

      Black ops doesn’t do clan things never have and if its trash why are you reading an article on call of duty patch notes now stop crying and go play a game that isn’t cod instead of complaining about it

      • mhallice

        12/15/2015 at 9:19 am

        Umm they had clans for a while with COD elite

      • And hooch

        12/21/2015 at 11:58 pm

        I’ve been a huge cod fan, have had 4 xboxes in our home for the last 10 years, spend big money on multiple copies and must say they have done nothing but screw this game up entirely. Servers always have issues, continuous booting out of the game at all given times, still have friend playing issues, it’s a friggin joke, it’s like we’re still playing a beta was worse than an alpha the first week it was released. They need to stop f-ing around with all these other tweaks, gun adjustments, wall penetration adjustments the inactivity adjustment is a real joke, no longer can you let your dog out, or get your food delivery, swap out batteries or God forbid have to take a bathroom break, your done, outta there, kicked again, let’s fix the real problems. The server errors, end of round kicks, communication issues, lag, spawn issues, matchmaking yes still a joke. These programmers are a joke, they are programming like they are just starting high school, they better be working for and making peanuts because that is all they are worth. I’ve been praying for this game to get better and instead the just make it worse thanks for eating 400 dollars of my money and causing my whole family nothing but anxiety and frustration to the point that you have ruined our Christmas spirit, enjoy your holiday bonuses it’s just too bad you screwed so many people to get them. See, you can steal from people and get away with it. So far over 200 of our friends and family have given up on this game and looks like my family is right about their. Thanks for destroying a fantastic franchise that brought us years of enjoyment and in one fell swoop wiped all those memories away. Let me give you a pat on the back. As for you Turner, guess you don’t have a concept for what a real cod game is or you would be complaining yourself, be thankful you are clueless. Enjoy it!

    • bruce

      12/15/2015 at 8:57 am

      treyarc hasnt done clan wars dumbass you must be thinking of the other cod

      • Joe

        12/15/2015 at 12:08 pm

        First off, the only reason that “Treyarch” didn’t do clan wars was for all of the above reasons that I mentioned. Cause little, no skill, duty trash, players like you wanted to start complaining about how much y’all didn’t like getting into lobbies with clans in them every time you get into a lobby. It didn’t have nothing to do with the clans being in the lobby being the reason why you were getting your ass kicked. You got your ass kicked cause you suck at a game. That you supposedly no everything about. Secondly, it still does not change the fact that it is a dying franchise and not doing things that most of the players of the franchise have enjoyed. Definently is not going to make that any better. That’s all I’m saying. All they doing now is trying to make money. After the first Dlc. Guarantee they start putting stuff on the “Black Market” that you can purchase. Just like advanced supply drops on Advanced Warfare. The black market is fine the way it is and instead of taking from all the fans that continue to by into this crap. How about they give back a little more themselves. Instead of just throwing Double xp at us. That cost them nothing. While they make millions more cause people are stupid enough to continue buying the crap. So why not continue doing it? That is were this franchise went downhill.

  5. Nita

    12/14/2015 at 6:32 pm

    Anyone know what the blue vial looking thing is next to the cryptokeys???

    • brandon

      12/14/2015 at 7:11 pm

      That is liquid divinium fr zombies so that you can make rare gobble gums

  6. Potato Joe

    12/14/2015 at 7:05 pm

    This update (XBox One) jacked up my game bad! Before it, I would always connect with 3-4 bars. Now I connect with 1 or 2 bars making it unplayable. I’m pissed off.

    • John Sweat

      12/14/2015 at 8:57 pm

      Same. Can’t even join a game unless I go through recent players or friends. It was working well earlier today but after the update the connection sucks.

    • Tyler

      12/15/2015 at 1:35 pm

      Your not the only one, I can’t even play a game without lagging right as I take my first step

  7. Fernando T Alvarez

    12/14/2015 at 9:10 pm

    Tried playing nightmare and can’t even pick up a rocket launcher to kill the first mini boss that shows up. I keep getting kicked out lobbies when in the loading screen some server mismatch error and, when i do find a match it lags sooooooo…. bad. Bad update…

  8. Benitojknisley

    12/15/2015 at 7:46 am

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  9. Benitojknisley

    12/15/2015 at 7:49 am

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  10. Peter phillips

    12/15/2015 at 10:38 am

    Why has the h.a.t.r not been fixed on hardcore as soon as u put anything else in the air it dissapear ?

  11. Mark Riggle

    12/15/2015 at 4:25 pm

    Why does this game alwats freeze my PlayStation after about half hour of playing its very annoying

  12. Neko

    12/16/2015 at 6:31 am

    Umm I.can’t even play online and when I do it lags llike why my internet is fine update it.and still can’t play

  13. James

    12/18/2015 at 10:10 pm

    How can Treyarch kick a player for supposed “inactivity” when it’s a direct violation of player rights that are outlined on their website and agreement? I understand the hatred of people that camp, but this now means if you put your controller down to get a drink, or answer a phone call, you’ll be kicked. Even if you’re running with a group of 5 others and they have your back as you use the restroom, you’ll come back to a menu screen showing you’ve been booted.

    This would upset people who enjoy rushing spawns if they were told you would be booted if you crossed an imaginary line prior to a set timeframe, or penalizing someone who happened to be in the same area as a spawning in enemy and killing them as they come back. We all paid for our games and downloadable content. Aside from regulated player created content, we should and always have had the ability to play it as we see fit. Does a car company have the ability to tell you that you have to use certain roads when you drive? No! That would be ludacris! Since when does a game company have the authority to tell you how you can play their game and at what speed you have to play it?

    This is going to be a very bad thing for all gamers when we are told we have to play the way the developers want and not how we want.

    This is just the beginning of what’s to come. There is going to be a lawsuit.

    • Wayne

      12/20/2015 at 12:53 pm

      James (and others), completely agree (inactivity). Question is, what’s the best way to bring about this change?

  14. Beau

    12/18/2015 at 11:10 pm

    The Haymaker is ridiculous now. Played tonight and it seems like everyone is using one. I just don’t think we should be getting 2 shot killed with this gun from the distances we were at. I had to switch from an smg to an assault rifle due to the high amount of players using these and killing me quickly at distances. I felt the guns were just fine the way they were. Just my opinion. Also, I agree with James. When I’m playing with my clan, why should I be getting booted for inactivity when I run to use the bathroom or pull something out of the oven. Wow. Not only that, after I was kicked, I had to reset my game to be able to rejoin my teammates. Unable to join? Really? Other than that, I agree with most of the other changes…especially the scorestreaks. Scorestreaks were a but weak before, so I’m hoping to see the difference the more I play.

  15. Mamiemknotts

    12/19/2015 at 6:51 pm

    2=11 my classmate’s step-sister makes $81 /hr on the internet . She has been without work for 7 months but last month her pay was $16969 just working on the internet for a few hours.

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  16. Allan Proudfoot

    12/19/2015 at 7:06 pm

    Same problem with inactivity here. Totally unacceptable.

  17. Truculentfool

    12/20/2015 at 8:38 am

    Same problem with inactivity. I admit to camping a bit, but if people don’t like it, come and get me. I don’t like running and gunning the entire game. Shouldn’t I be the one to choose my style of play? Hoping for a fix.

  18. Potato Joe

    12/20/2015 at 10:12 am

    I’ve been playing shooters since Quake II. And as far as I can remember, you would get kicked for inactivity… 5 or 10 minutes which I understand. But this game is ridiculous, it seems to kick after 1 or 2 minutes. Now camping has always been a part of first person shooters and they have always made maps for a combination of all play styles including camping. I’ve built a few campfires myself and still do sometimes. These maps are built with the thoughts of no camping. I also hope that they fix this with a happy compromise, nobody wants a campfest with everybody hiding in corners and such, but a smart player will just go in and clear a camper out. It’s all part of the game. Hope they fix it.

  19. Marco

    12/20/2015 at 7:08 pm

    It wont let me change my calling card, emblem or clan tag xc pls help

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