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DriveReply App Helps Drivers Stay Safe and Undistracted



DriveReply is an updated version of a driver safety app designed to keep drivers from getting distracted by their Android smart phones while on the road. Just the other day I was almost hit by a lady who was more focused on her phone than me, a fellow driver. Thanks to this Iconosys app for Android, drivers will be focused on the road.

Drive Replay App

The app can detect when the user is moving faster than 10-15 miles per hour using GPS info and engage the controls. The speed limit can be set to a predetermined level.

If a call or text message is received the app jumps into action. Instead of the phone ringing or the text message notification sound playing, the app will reply. For example, if I get a text message from my friend while I’m driving down the road I can tell it to send a message saying, “Hey, I’m driving. I’ll answer this the next time I stop.”

Sometimes there is an emergency and the phone call or text must get through, You can anticipate that possibility and tell the app to let certain people get through no matter what. So, if I tell it to always ring when my sons call, it will. You can also tell it not to reply to certain people – like someone you don’t ever want to talk to no matter what.

If the app engages, but you are just a passenger, then you can tap a button to notify the app that it is okay to let calls and texts through since you are not driving at that time.

If you have an accident, the app can be used to record video of the scene, voice memos of witnesses, take pictures of damage or scan insurance cards. It will also hold a copy of your card so you don’t have to find it in the mangled glove box.

The app will record your location so you can let others know where you are in the event of an accident.

The app is available now in the Android Marketplace and the Amazon App Store. The app is $16.95. You can also get a Blackberry version for the Verizon Storm and Storm II and a Windows Mobile version.

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