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Droid Pro Makes Trans-Atlantic Voyage and Lands in Europe as Motorola Pro



Motorola has announced the release of the Motorola Pro for Europe at Mobile World Congress, which is essentially a 3G HSPA version of the Droid Pro, which we had reviewed, on Verizon Wireless. The features of the Motorola Pro are identical to that of the Droid Pro, though the Motorola Pro lacks support for CDMA networks, like those employed by Verizon in the States.

The identical twin to the Droid Pro still utilizes a front-facing keyboard and a BlackBerry-like form factor. It is an enterprise-centric handset with a number of Motorola security enhancements that will please IT administrators and will help Android make the push into corporate settings.

Unlike the Droid Pro, which utilizes what Motorola calls a widgets-based user interface, the Motorola Pro for Europe will be powered by MOTO BLUR, though both interfaces are nearly identical and provide similar features and functionality on top of Android 2.2, which provides support for Adobe Flash 10.1 Mobile on top of a 1 GHz processor.



  1. Matt

    02/16/2011 at 3:25 pm

    To bad it still has major Exchange issues and a battery life of a few hours.

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