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EBeam Turns Your Table Into an Interactive Surface



The small size of tablets make them great for portability, but horrible for working on a project with multiple team members gathered around a table.

If you’ve ever wished to be able to turn a tabe into an interactive surface that allows a group of individuals to work on a project together, you need to check out Luidia.

With the eBeam from Luidia, you can turn a whiteboard, wall or tablet into a smartboard like surface. It isn’t a Surface table, but it is an attractive way to turn a table into a workspace.

ebeam table

A projector and eBeam adapter turn your table into much more than a flat surface.

The eBeam adapter runs $750 to $1,000 and requires a projector to work. The cool looking table top projector shown above can sit right on your table, but it appears that you can use other projectors with the eBeam adapter.

When the system is setup, you can use dry erase markers or the stylus tool to interact and have your notes and annotations recorded on the computer. This could bring in remote workers to the sharing process as well.

In addition to the workplace, the eBeam technology is finding a home in schools who are looking for a Smartboard alternative. Robert Scoble gives us the scoop on the eBeam adapters as they are used on the whiteboard in the video below. At the end you can see a look at the table version of eBeam.

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1 Comment

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    08/18/2011 at 3:42 pm

    I love this, its great.

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