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Ergotron Workfit TX Review: An Excellent Standing Desk Converter



The Ergotron WorkFit TX is an amazing standing desk converter that allows you to use monitor arms and that lets you adjust to any height in the range, not just at predetermined positions like some cheaper options. This model also includes an independently adjustable keyboard and mouse tray with tilt and great cable management. Once you factor in the great stability and the overall build quality the WorkFit TX offers a great value, even with a higher price tag than some standing desk converters.

Other standout features include support for up to two monitors, up to 40 pounds of weight and 20-inches of lift. It is also a very deep design, so you can keep the monitors at the back of the desk edge and the keyboard tray hangs over the edge of your desk when in sitting mode. The WorkFit TX is $499 and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Setup and Design

A standing desk converter allows you to turn your current desk into a sit-stand desk, and the WorkFit TX makes this upgrade possible in minutes since it comes fully assembled. Just place it on your desk, put your gear on the desk and get to work. There are even included cable management options to help keep your setup looking clean and free of snags.

Easily raise and lower with the grips at the front of the desk.

Easily raise and lower with the grips at the front of the desk.

This is a great option if you are bringing your own standing desk to work, if you are just trying out a standing desk or if you need something that you can easily move with you form a home office to a new one if you need to move apartments. While most traditional standing desks are very heavy and hard to move, you can bring this one to a new location pretty easily. It’s not a portable model, just one that is handy if you find yourself moving offices or home office locations on a regular basis.

While this is deep and wide enough to easily handle your desktop items and monitors it will fit on a desk that is only 24-inches deep. It is a heavy converter at nearly 60 pounds, so you may need help taking it out of the box and putting it on your desk.

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Sitting, Standing & Keyboard Tray

The WorkFit TX is easy to use, stable and can be stopped at any position.

The WorkFit TX is easy to use, stable and can be stopped at any position.

When you use this in the sitting mode, it only raises your desk height 2-inches, which is an impressive feat for a standing desk converter. This helps shorter users find a good ergonomic position when seated. The WorkFit TX raises and lowers manually with a lever on each side of the desk. This is easy to do, but if you fully load the desk you will get a little workout.

The keyboard tray is independently adjustable, and easy to fine tune. This makes it easy to set a position for sitting and another for standing. You can also tilt the keyboard tray if you like typing on a negative tilt. Small plastic legs pop down from the tray to give you this typing position and they hold well. There is only one tilt position and it isn’t very steep, so if you want a full on 15-20 degree tilt this won’t deliver it, but it is a very nice feature that not many converters offer.

The keyboard tray adjusts independently and includes a negative tilt option.

The keyboard tray adjusts independently and includes a negative tilt option.

The overall design is top-notch and backed up with a five-year warranty. This is an X lift design, which refers to the way the arms underneath raise and lower as you lift the WorkFit TX. Unlike some of the earlier models and competitors, you can stop the height at any position instead of in little slots. This lets you get the perfect fit. I like to adjust the overall height slightly during longer standing sessions for a little variation in how I am standing.

In sitting and standing positions the WorkFit TX is very stable. This is due to the solid design and materials as well as the overall depth and weight of the system. One of the downsides to many standing desks and converters is wobble. The TX is very stable in both positions and easy to type on without making your monitor or laptop screen shake much.

Monitor Arms

Right out of the box you can use the WorkFit TX with two monitors, or with a laptop and a monitor as I have used it during my testing. One of the standout features is that you can attach a monitor arm to the WorkFit TX, allowing you to mount one or two monitors to get the perfect height and a clean desk space. You do need to use a specific mount from Ergotron, which is $99 for a single and $149 for a double. There is also a $55 upgrade kit that lets you adjust the angle of your monitors to angle in or even to flip one around to share a screen.

The mount attaches to one of the two mounting points. This means you can choose how far away the monitors are. If you plan to use a large monitor the farthest option is handy, allowing you to see the full screen at an ergonomic position.


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