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10 Exciting Mobile Games Coming in 2017



Titanfall Frontline: Mobile

Titanfall Frontline: Mobile

Titanfall was one of the best games I've played over the past few years. And while the second didn't get the best of reviews online, it's still extremely popular. As a result, it looks like iPhone or Android users will soon be able to enjoy a Titanfall type of experience on mobile. 

It's called Titanfall Frontline, and is a card-based strategy game. Think Clash Royale, only different. Players will be brigade commanders and pilots, attacking others on the other side of the screen in real-time. Head to head vs another person sitting at their phone. Build a deck full of Titans, fighters, pilots and collect as many cards as you can for the most deadly battle attack. So far all we know is this will likely have a resemblance to Clash Royale and is coming later in 2017 for both Android and iOS. There will be hundreds of cards to collect, so get ready. 

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