Fallout 4: 11 Things to Know After Three Weeks
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Fallout 4: 11 Things to Know After Three Weeks



Fallout 4 Update Problems

Fallout 4 Update Problems

While the first Fallout 4 update is expected to fix many of the problems plaguing Fallout 4, we expect it to bring some problems of its own. 

Beta testers continue to provide feedback about the Fallout 4 patch. Problems include drops in FPS, stuttering when sprinting, crashes, freezes, bugged quests, and more.

Bethesda's pledged to release smaller but more frequent updates so that it can address unintentional problems caused by the changes in its patches. 

Given the issues with the beta, you should be careful when the beta arrives. It would also be a good idea to absorb some fixes for Fallout 4 problems. We expect the patch to fix a lot of issues but there's a good chance it'll fail to fix issues and bring its own set of problems to the table. 

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1 Comment

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