Fallout 4: 11 Things to Know After Three Weeks
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Fallout 4: 11 Things to Know After Three Weeks



Fallout 4 Problems Mount

Fallout 4 Problems Mount

The patch is going to wipe out a ton of bugs but there's simply no way Bethesda is going to get to everything in its first patch. Fallout 4 is riddled with issues right now and it will be riddled with issues after the patch arrives. 

If you want some idea about how many issues exist in the game right now, take a look at the Fallout Reddit and the number of complaints on Bethesda's own forums. These are just two forums. There are many others. 

The list of Fallout 4 problems continues to grow by the day as more people progress into the game. If you own the game, the only thing you can really do is report bugs as you see them, try and fix issues yourself and hope that the first patch stabilizes things. 

If you need assistance, take a look at our list of fixes.

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1 Comment

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