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Fallout 4: 5 Things You Can Expect in 2016



More Fallout 4 Deals

More Fallout 4 Deals

If you haven't picked up a copy of Fallout 4 yet, you'll want to watch out for Fallout 4 deals as we push away from the holidays and the game's release date. The best has yet to come. 

There's no reason to pay full price for Fallout 4 for PC, Xbox One or PS4. There are tons of Fallout 4 deals out there right now (including this fantastic deal on the PC version) and we expect to see a lot more as the year goes on. 

And if you must pick up the Fallout 4 Season Pass early, try not to pay full price. We've seen several Season Pass deals emerge since launch and we expect to see more retailers offer a discount in 2016. Keep an out for more as we push toward the release of Bethesda's first Fallout 4 DLC.



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