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Galaxy Note 4

Alleged Box Leak Hints Fast Galaxy Note 4 Release



A new Galaxy Note 4 leak shows the potential look for the Galaxy Note 4 box and the front of the new device. We don’t get a full look at the Note 4 design on this box and it does not show the Galaxy Note 4 specs. It does include a date that is after the announcement, and within a rumored Galaxy Note 4 release window.

This alleged Galaxy Note 4 box shows the front of a Galaxy Note device with a new wallpaper and a September 15th date on the screen. The date shown on Android phone screens often relates to the announcement date or another important date like the release.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 press images show the date of the event. We know for a fact that the Galaxy Note 4 launch event is on September 3rd, but one report suggests the Galaxy Note 4 release date could arrive as early as September 15th, the date shown on this alleged box. The biggest problem with that is the date is on a Monday, which is not a typical smartphone release date.

An alleged Galaxy Note 4 box leaks, with more questions than answers.

An alleged Galaxy Note 4 box leaks, with more questions than answers.

The date on the Galaxy Note 3 press images is the announcement date in early September, but both use the same 12:45 time. Showing a cell signal near the battery is a new addition as well, but in line with the Galaxy S5 press photos. Like the Galaxy S5 press images there is no swipe to unlock, likely due to a fingerprint sensor in the home button, and the capacitive buttons show up.

One thing that is clear, Samsung wants to beat the iPhone 6 this year, and a fast Galaxy Note 4 release appears to be part of that strategy. The iPhone 6 release timeline points to September 19th as the most likely release day. Samsung and Apple will certainly not want to share a release date, which could pressure Samsung to go early for the Note 4 release date.

The alleged Galaxy Note 4 box leak shows the front of a box on top of a laptop keyboard. The font on the phone and the screen are at least close to what Samsung uses, but the overall design of the box is new. For the last several years new Samsung smartphones arrived in a cardboard box with a fake wood print on it, and no image of the actual device. The back of the box also shows the specs and other important information.

The Galaxy Note 4 release could bring just what this Galaxy Note 3 owner wants.

The Galaxy Note 4 release could bring just what this Galaxy Note 3 owner wants.

A metal background sits behind the Galaxy Note 4 render on this alleged Note 4 box. This change could hint at metal in the design, but we still know precious little about the overall Galaxy Note 4 design.

As far as we can tell the photo PhoneArena posts of the Galaxy Note 4 box is not Photoshopped, but that only means someone took a photo of a box. It is possible that this is a detailed fake that someone printed, glued to a box and then took a photograph of. The top and bottom edges of the box are not visible, which leaves us without indication that this is a real box and not just a high quality print glued to a box.

Fake smartphone boxes are a part of the rumor cycle that leads up to the release. In this case the box hints at a fast Galaxy Note 4 release date that could beat the iPhone 6 to store shelves. In 2013 an iPhone 5s box leaked showing a 128GB option. By adjusting values in a photo editing program we were able to spot evidence of a Photoshop to add the 128GB option to a box. This same method did not work on the alleged Galaxy Note 4 box.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung's current Galaxy Note 3 and a device that we think you need to consider for a few different reasons.

First, it's still great. The Galaxy Note 3's hardware and software has held up well over the past year. It's also worth considering because it's cheap. Its price tag used to be at $299.99 but we've seen retailers and carriers drop the price down signficantly in the past few months. It won't be as powerful as the Galaxy Note 3 but it's still going to be a solid smartphone.

We highly highly suggest going to check out the Galaxy Note 3 before the Galaxy Note 4's arrival. This way, you can make sure that you actually want the Galaxy Note instead of something else.

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