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Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: 11 Things Buyers Need to Know



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date is confirmed for October and if you plan on buying the new Galaxy Note release in the near future, you’ll want to make sure you are ready by reading 11 things buyers need to know about the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 release date.

Earlier this month, Samsung took the stage at an Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 launch event and unveiled its brand new Galaxy Note 4 release, a device that replaces the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as the company’s flagship and a device that the company will use in its fight against top Android competitors and the rumored iPhone 6.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date hasn’t arrived just yet but its already shaping up to be a big one. The Galaxy Note 4, from our hands-on experience with it, appears to be a solid contender and a device that millions of consumers should be taking note of as we head deeper into the year towards the holiday shopping seasons.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note release comes loaded with new features including a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, new design that users plastic and metal, 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a new S Pen stylus, Android 4.4.4 KitKat, new TouchWiz software features, a powerful processor, tons of RAM, and a whole lot more. It can be seen, in action, in the video below.

At the event, Samsung confirmed most Galaxy Note 4 details though it did leave out of a few of the most important ones. Namely, the Galaxy Note 4 price and the Galaxy Note 4 release date. With an iPhone 6 launch date all but confirmed for tomorrow, we want to take a look at what we know about the Galaxy Note 4 release date and all the key details prospective buyers need to know as we head into Apple’s event and the fall.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Confirmed

The first thing that prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers need to know about the Galaxy Note 4 release date is that it is confirmed for October. The company confirmed the global and U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release date for October. What this means is that consumers only have a few more weeks of waiting to do. Nothing is confirmed but we should see Samsung and its carrier partners start to outline concrete details in the days leading up to October.

Galaxy Note 4 Carriers Confirmed

U.S. carriers have confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 release for later this year. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon all confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 release and four of the five (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon) are currently offering up sign up pages for consumers. Sign up pages allow users to enter their email to gain official information about the Galaxy Note 4 release.

Galaxy Note 4 Features - Sensors

In the case of T-Mobile, it will enter users into a contest to win a free Galaxy Note 4 amongst other prizes. In the case of Verizon, it could reveal a Galaxy Note 4 pre-order date. Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders remain out of reach at this point though given Verizon’s lingo on the sign up page, we could see it and other carriers deliver before the Galaxy Note 4 release this fall.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Dates Inching Closer

If U.S. carriers and other carriers are going to offer Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders, we could see them arrive soon. We know this because we know that the Galaxy Note 4 release date has inched closer.


Earlier this month, Blog of Mobile, a Japanese language site, spotted a number of known Galaxy Note 4 models passing through Bluetooth certification. Bluetooth SIG is another body that a device must pass through on its way to shelves which means that the Galaxy Note 4 release is making a ton of progress in the hours after its initial announcement.

Point is, the Galaxy Note 4 release date looks to be on track for October.

U.S. Galaxy Note 4 Release Date MIA

The U.S. Galaxy Note 4 release date is also missing in action though at least one release date is getting closer. Earlier this month, we spotted the AT&T Galaxy Note 4 cruising through the FCC on its way to release. Getting clearance from the FCC is one of the biggest steps that a smartphone must take before an official release. In other words, the Galaxy Note 4 release in the U.S. is getting closer, at least on AT&T.

October 10th Release Rumored

While nothing is confirmed, we’ve also seen a very specific Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date pop up.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date is now rumored to be taking place in and around October 10th thanks to several retailers in Europe. Galaxy Club, a Dutch site, reports that several Dutch retailers including GSMWijzer, Student Mobile and Cool Blue expect the Galaxy Note 4 release to arrive on October 10th. Another retailer in the Netherlands, BelSimpel, expects it to arrive five weeks from now, or in other words, in and around that October 10th date.


As we’ve noted, these appear to be estimates for the Galaxy Note 4 release date. While they could be based on inside information from Samsung, October 10th is not the confirmed release date for the Galaxy Note 4 in the Netherlands or for any other region around the world. Like Samsung, U.S. carriers remain mum about a specific Galaxy Note 4 release date in the United States.

Galaxy Note 4 Price Linked

The Galaxy Note 4 price is still not known, something that is likely eating at prospective buyers. The Galaxy Note series is typically very expensive, commandeering prices that are $299.99 and above on contract. Last year’s Sprint Galaxy Note 3 was $350 on-contract.

Thanks to T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 4 contest, put together a rough sketch of the Galaxy Note 4 price in the United States. Thanks to the contest, we’ve determined that the Galaxy Note 4 could cost around the same as last year’s Galaxy Note 3. In other words, $299.99 on-contract and around $650 or more off-contract.

In Europe, it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 will cost around £800 though we expect prices to fluctuate based on carrier and region. Typically, devices in regions like Russia are more expensive than they are in the United States.

Now here’s what’s important. The Galaxy Note 4 price is going to be linked to either pre-order announcements or the release date announcement if there aren’t any pre-orders. What this means is that buyers should have some idea about the price ahead of the actual release date. At this point, it’s looking like we’ll see a similar price point but that, at the moment, remains unconfirmed.

Try the Galaxy Note 4 Now

Now this is important. Consumers that can’t wait to use the Galaxy Note 4 can try the new Galaxy Note well before the Galaxy Note 4 release at Best Buy retail locations.


The retailer is hosting Galaxy Note 4 experience events that let users touch, feel and use the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 well ahead of the October Galaxy Note 4 release on U.S. carriers.

As we’ve noted, today is the last day to go hands on with the Galaxy Note 4. Today, five stores in San Francisco are hosting Galaxy Note 4 hands on time ahead of its release. Those stores will offer hands on time from 10AM to 9PM today. Those living outside of San Francisco will, at this point, have to wait for the Galaxy Note 4 release date to arrive before going hands on.

Galaxy Note 3 Deals

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is now going for as low as $99 at retailers like Best Buy, a $200 discount from its original price tag. And as we push further and further away from the Galaxy Note 3’s first birthday in September, we should see that price start to dip even further as retailers and carriers work to offload their stock.

The Galaxy Note 3 is still a very capable device and it’s one that prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers will want to take a look at. The Galaxy Note 4 will likely be the better device but if those that don’t want to shell out of money for a Galaxy Note will probably like what they find when taking a look at the Galaxy Note 3. It’s a solid smartphone.

New Moto X Release Date

The all new Moto X will be one of the Galaxy Note 4’s greatest Android threats so we think that prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers need to know about it, and its release, ahead of the Galaxy Note 4 release.

It still doesn’t have a firm release date here in the United States but there is a very good chance that the Moto X release will take place in and around the same time as the Galaxy Note 4, perhaps before it.

The new Moto X release date is later this month, but there is no specific Moto X+1 release date in September. This will likely vary by carrier, which is why Motorola is not announcing the details just yet. Although it did not confirm the carriers, consumers can expect this device on all major U.S. carriers at some point.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Date

The Galaxy Note 4 isn’t the only new Galaxy Note on the way. The Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy Note with the curved display, will be coming to the United States at some point later this year.

At this point, given the lack of specifics, we’re guessing that the Galaxy Note Edge will arrive after Samsung gets the flagship Galaxy Note 4 out of the gates in October. AT&T, Sprint,T-Mobile, and Verizon all confirmed it for arrival and we should see details emerge as we get closer to the Galaxy Note release in October.

The Galaxy Note Edge release date is still very flimsy, we haven’t seen any specifics emerge just yet, but consumers would be wise to have a look at the Galaxy Note Edge before the arrival of the Galaxy Note 4 in October.

iPhone 6 Release Date

Finally, the last thing prospective Galaxy Note 4 buyers need to know is that we’ll almost certainly see the iPhone 6 announced tomorrow on stage during Apple’s media event in Cupertino. This is important because Apple is expected to reveal two new iPhones, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches, the latter of which would be a direct Galaxy Note 4 competitor.

iPhone 6 release date rumors continue to point to September, and more specifically September 19th, so it’s important to note that the iPhone 6 release could beat the Galaxy Note 4 release by as much as two weeks.



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    09/08/2014 at 6:21 pm

    Will the Note 4 battery change from the one used in the Note 3? I have spare batteries for my Note 3

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