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Note 4 vs. Note Edge Release Date: What Buyers Can Expect Now



In early September, Samsung announced two brand new flagship smartphones dubbed Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. At the time, it failed to tag either with a specific release date. A month later, we now have a pretty firm grasp on the Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note Edge release date and today, we want to take a look at what buyers can expect now from Samsung’s upcoming flagships.

At its Unpacked 2014 launch event, Samsung took the curtain down from around several new devices including its Gear VR accessory, its new Gear S smartwatch and two new Galaxy Note models. The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge were the two highlights of the show and they’re two devices that are coming to shelves in just a few short weeks.

The two Galaxy Notes will be paired together to battle the likes of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and LG G3 but they’ll also be rivals. We’ve heard from a number of people that are interested in buying one or the other. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Both devices come with an array of impressive hardware and software features.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is a concept phone and one that should be intriguing to those that are looking to upgrade to a high-end smartphone. The new Galaxy Note Edge features a Quad HD resolution, a 2.7 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM, Android 4.4.4 KitKat with Samsung TouchWiz, 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, massive battery, and a thin 8.3mm frame. It also comes with an S Pen stylus and a display unlike any other.

Samsung’s all new Galaxy Note 4 is also a high octane smartphone and comes loaded with high-powered specs including a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, a brand new 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a new S Pen stylus, Android 4.4.4 KitKat software that’s backed by TouchWiz, a brand new design that comes with both plastic and metal materials, and more.

At the time of their announcement, Samsung failed to confirm key release details. Over the past four weeks, we’ve finally been able to patch together most of the important pieces and here, we want to take a look at what we expect now from the Galaxy Note 4 release vs Galaxy Note Edge release. This should help set prospective buyers up for the critical weeks ahead.

Widespread vs. Limited Release

The first thing you can expect is a widespread Galaxy Note 4 release versus a limited Galaxy Note Edge release. The Galaxy Note 4 release is confirmed for 140 countries around the world including the U.S., India, countries in Central and South America, Korea, Japan, China, and a whole lot more. It’s a massive launch and it means that the Galaxy Note 4 is going to be available in most key regions around the world.

While you probably won’t have trouble finding a Galaxy Note 4, many of you will run into problems trying to find the Galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note Edge is not going to follow the Galaxy Note 4’s lead. It, and its curved display, are considered concepts and Samsung’s confirmed that it will not get the same broad release.

Galaxy Note 4

So far, the Galaxy Note Edge release has been confirmed for the U.S., UK, Korea, Japan, China, and Canada. Outside of those regions, we’re not sure where it’s going to land. It may not land for anyone else, we still don’t know. What this means is that consumers outside of these areas will probably have to find other ways to import the Galaxy Note Edge.

That of course will probably come with a steep cost attached to it. Do not expect the Galaxy Note Edge release to ever match the Galaxy Note 4 release. The Galaxy Note Edge will stay limited, at least for the first-generation release. Who knows about future models.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date First

The Galaxy Note 4 release already took place in Korea and in just a few short days, it’s going to arrive in a number of other countries including the UK (October 10th), India (week of October 10th) and the United States (October 17th). The Galaxy Note 4 will continue to arrive in new countries until early November at which point Samsung will have gotten it out to all of its markets.

With Galaxy Note 4 release dates set to drop in October, it’s clear that the Galaxy Note 4 release date in places like the United States will come before the Galaxy Note Edge release date. The Galaxy Note Edge release date is still a mystery for most regions. Carriers have confirmed the release but they haven’t outlined any specific dates.


This isn’t a terrible thing. As we’ve noted many, many times. You should go hands on with both, if you can, before you decide. With the Galaxy Note 4 poised to hit shelves in most regions by the end of October, you’ll be able to better prepare for the Galaxy Note 4’s arrival.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Close

Just because we don’t know the Galaxy Note Edge release date doesn’t mean that it isn’t close. On the contrary, it looks like the Galaxy Note Edge release in some regions many come just a few days after the arrival of the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung has said that its targeting a late October Galaxy Note Edge release date in Korea. We’ve also seen Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo reveal plans to get one Galaxy Note Edge model out in late October with the other color coming in November. According to Blog of Mobile, this information is accurate and it appears that it will be the white Galaxy Note Edge that needs a little more time.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos S Pen

The site specifically mentions the U.S., Korea, China, and Japan as the four key Galaxy Note Edge release regions and so, it could be that these four are the first four regions to release this new phone.

This is key because it means that those of you who live in these areas should be able to compare the Galaxy Note 4 to the Galaxy Note Edge in the not-so-distant future.

Not For Everyone Though

Not all Galaxy Note Edge release dates will fall in close proximity to the Galaxy Note 4 release though. Both the UK and Canada will release the Galaxy Note 4 in October. However, both regions will see Galaxy Note Edge release delays. The worst delay at this point belongs to Canada. Samsung Canada recently confirmed a Galaxy Note Edge release for 2015.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 5

We suspect that these delays are going to drive some consumers to other devices, the Galaxy Note 4 perhaps. We simply don’t expect Samsung to feed consumers in these areas information right from the outset and we could be waiting weeks if not months for the concrete details to arrive. Expect this to be a major pain point for those of you weighing these two devices outside of the U.S., Japan, Korea, or China.

Expensive Galaxy Note Edge Price

Expect to have to shell out for the Galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note 4 is expensive in its own right, $299.99 and $350 on-contract in the United States, but the Galaxy Note Edge price will almost certainly put it to shame.

With Galaxy Note 4 off-contract pricing pushing $850, we expect some absurd Galaxy Note Edge prices on U.S. carriers. We would not be surprised if we encountered some jaw dropping prices in other regions like Canada and Korea as well. This is not going to be a cheap phone and a ton of consumers will likely be shocked by the price tag that carriers attach to it.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 10

The disparity between the two prices will be very evident in markets where the Galaxy Note Edge release is coming late. We’re expecting Galaxy Note 4 deals to emerge in the months after its release and by the time the Note Edge hits a place like Canada, the gap in price should be even more drastic. Something that buyers need to think about in the build up.



  1. Kane

    10/04/2014 at 1:41 pm

    UK release date has changed to the 17th of Oct. Samsung stating in email to me ” so the handset reaches you in great condition and to our standards, your Note 4 order will now be released on 17th Oct”

  2. bob jager

    10/05/2014 at 6:48 am

    I do want the Note Edge. With a 2 year contract, I’m willing to pay up to $500 (maybe $599), but I don’t get the limited release. I’m hoping it’s just marketing hype to generate interest. If I can’t get the Note Edge for the price mentioned above, I’m not shelling out upwards of $1k to get it. I can have 2 computers for that cost. So stupid. I’m going to stick with my stupid i-CrApple ipHone-5 product and wait if that ends up being the case.

  3. lglover

    10/05/2014 at 8:01 pm

    They are crazy to think anybody is willing o shell out 599.00 for a phone under a two year contract (the samsung edge) I’ve got an idea stop paying that lebron james person obscene Amounts of money to advertise your products!!!!

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