Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumors Swirl
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumors Swirl



Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors continue to swirl as we head towards the fall and the latest center on two important pieces of the puzzle: The Galaxy Note 5 release date and the Galaxy Note 5 specs.

As we speed away from the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge release, we’re starting to hear a whole lot of chatter about the fifth-generation Galaxy Note, a device that’s currently dubbed Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy Note 5 rumors have been rampant as of late and they’ve even pulled in Samsung Mobile’s president J.K. Shin.

While the launch is still weeks away, we’re starting to see Galaxy Note 5 specs and release details take shape ahead of Samsung’s inevitable announcement. And today, a series of credible Galaxy Note 5 rumors and details have emerged and they’ve help put the rumored flagship into focus.


Earlier this week, a report out of Korea claimed that Samsung was looking into launching the Galaxy Note 5 earlier this year due in part to the success of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The rumor suggested that Samsung would stray from IFA, its usual launch pad, and get the device out sometime in July.

Executives typically don’t discuss rumors but this one reportedly prompted Samsung’s J.K. Shin to make some comments regarding the Galaxy Note 5 release. According to WhoWired (the same site that reported the early Galaxy Note 5 release), Shin recently put the rumor to rest. He did not elaborate and the Galaxy Note 5 release still remains a bit of a mystery.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has always arrived at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany and Galaxy Note 5 launch date rumors put the launch at IFA 2015. SamMobile is the latest source to affirm this timing and with IFA 2015 kicking off on September 4th, there’s a good chance that we’ll see the device land in and around that date.

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SamMobile’s also back with a flurry of other Galaxy Note 5 related details. The site claims that Samsung will “release the Clear View case as well as the S View case for the Galaxy Note 5.” It also looks like Samsung will release a keyboard cover for the Galaxy Note 5.

Furthermore, the site says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be joined by another device, a device that we’ve been calling Galaxy Note Edge 2. The device, now known internally as Project Zero 2, will supposedly replace the Galaxy Note Edge though it may not come with an S Pen. If true, the device would likely be a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge sports a dual-sided display.

The Galaxy Note 5 is shaping up to be a big time flagship and a competitor to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple’s rumored 2015 iPhone models.

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Galaxy Note 5 display rumors have centered on the arrival of a large, 5.7-5.9-inch Ultra HD display. The company will reportedly start production on a 6-inch Ultra HD display at 700+ pixels per inch in the near future. If it’s able to get the panel ready in time for the fall, it could mean a shift from Quad HD resolution to Ultra HD.

Samsung is reportedly testing both Quad HD and Ultra HD on its Galaxy Note 5 prototypes. The company has yet to decide on a panel and it could be months before Galaxy Note 5 rumors start to firm up around one display type or the other.

The company is also expected to install a new processor inside the Galaxy Note 5. Rumors point to a Exynos 7422 processor which will supposedly be the company’s first all-in-one solution that combines CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and modem on a single chip.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will reportedly come to AT&T and Verizon in the United States.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch date hasn't been confirmed but all signs point to a predictable venue and a predictable date. 

Samsung always uses IFA to announce its new Galaxy Note models. IFA is a tradeshow in Berlin, Germany that companies use to announce new hardware and showcase them to consumers, the press, and to other businesses. 

Galaxy Note 5 rumors currently point to an arrival at IFA 2015 which means that we could see it emerge in and around September 4th. To us, this is exciting because it means that the Galaxy Note 5 should arrive right as Galaxy Note 3 users are coming off contract. 

It also means that prospective buyers have a likely window for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 announcement and the Galaxy Note 5 release date. Samsung typically releases its devices a few weeks after they launch. 

We realize that September is still a few months away but look at it this way. You have plenty of time to prepare.

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