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Galaxy Note 5 Release (U.S.): 10 Important Details



Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

The U.S. Galaxy Note 5 release date isn't as concrete as the Galaxy Note 5 launch date. We've heard some rumblings about the release but nothing is set in stone.

Galaxy Note 5 release date rumors have pointed to an arrival on August 21st, or, just a few short days after Samsung's expected to debut the Galaxy Note 5. This date is apparently going to be for several different regions though it's not clear if the United States will be one of them. 

We've seen several U.S. bound Galaxy Note 5 models pass through the FCC, a sign that a release could be very close. As we've pointed out many times, FCC filings for flagship Galaxy phones typically come much later in the release process. 

At this point, we'd circle the week of August 21st though we'd circle it in pencil. Samsung and its U.S. carrier partners have been known to use staggered release dates. So while one or two could release on August 21st, it may not be all of them. 

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