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Galaxy Note 5 Release (U.S.): 10 Important Details



Verizon Galaxy Note 5 Confirmed

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 Confirmed

We know a lot more about the SM-N920V, a device that will be known as the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when it hits retail.

Like the AT&T model, the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 was spotted cruising through the FCC on its way to retailers and Verizon stores. Unlike the AT&T model, the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 recently popped up in a benchmark that outlines some of its key specifications. 

Verizon's version of the Galaxy Note 5 lines up with just about everything we've seen from rumored Galaxy Note 5 specs. We wouldn't expect it to be much different from the AT&T model or any of the other U.S. bound Galaxy Note 5 variants. 

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