Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: 5 Things We Learned in June
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Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: 5 Things We Learned in June



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Huge Galaxy Note 5 Battery Possible

Huge Galaxy Note 5 Battery Possible

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a large 3,220 mAh battery and some of the best smartphone battery life on the planet. If Galaxy Note 5 rumors we saw in June are accurate, Samsung could be taking a big step forward with the Galaxy Note 5. 

Reports point to a gigantic 4,100 mAh Galaxy Note 5 battery. If true, that would be incredible, especially if Samsung's able to pack it into a 7.9mm frame. 

It's important to note that Samsung is probably testing several Galaxy Note 5 prototypes and features have been known to change just weeks before a product launch. So while it might be throwing around 4,100 mAh batteries, there's no telling what the final size will be. 

It will also be interesting to see what Samsung does if it opts to use a design language similar to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Neither of those devices uses a removable battery which means that owner are stuck with the stock battery for better or worse. If it does opt for the glass and metal, we could see the first Galaxy Note with a non-removable battery. It could also spell the end for the microSD card slot as well.

The Galaxy Note 4 has both a removable battery and a microSD card slot. Something to keep in mind as we push into the summer.

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