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Galaxy Note 7 vs Moto Z: What We Know So Far



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Release Date & Price

Release Date & Price

Last but certainly not least is the release date and price. The Moto Z will be available July 28th from Verizon Wireless, and unlocked for other carriers sometime in August. Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 will be announced on August 2nd, and we're hearing it will be released the same day. Meaning the Note 7 will likely be available on all carriers well ahead of the Moto Z. Even if it isn't released on day one, it will arrive two weeks later at the most. So August 15th. Buyers will need to decide if they can wait for the Moto Z, or want the new Note.

Another thing is the price. The Moto Z on Verizon Wireless is $624 outright, or can be bought with monthly payments. It will likely be $619 or $599 on when it does arrive. The Galaxy Note 7 though, will be at least $800 when it's released. That's an expensive device, so choose wisely.

This is everything we think we know about the Galaxy Note 7, and what buyers can expect from it as compared to the Moto Z. These are two great phones, and we'll update once we get our hands on the Galaxy Note 7 in early August.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MikMak

    09/24/2016 at 9:45 am

    Oh, you find root that the Moto Z does not have the exploding feature that note 7 has!

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