Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Pixel 3: What Buyers Need to Know

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is official and available now for pre-order, and Google’s Pixel 3 XL will follow closely behind it. As a result, potential buyers have some tough choices to make. Buy something like the Galaxy Note 8 now, or wait for new phones from Samsung and Google. We’re here to help you make that choice.

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 9 and how it compares to the Pixel 3 XL. From the release dates, screen sizes, cameras and more. These are two very different phones with their own unique approach, but both are certainly worth considering.

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As we now know, the Galaxy Note 9 looks almost exactly like the Note 8 from last year, but it’s a completely different beast. And, we’re seeing something similar for the Pixel 3. Basically, both phones look like last years versions, but they’ll be better in every way. You can expect better battery life, the latest software, bigger screens and much more.

There are plenty of excellent Android smartphones available right now. If you can’t wait, choose from devices like the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9+ to the LG G7 ThinQ. However, they’re not your only options this year. High-end phones from multiple manufacturers are still coming before the end of 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Google’s Pixel 3 will likely be two of the best phones released. Well, until new phones arrive in 2019.

Trying to decide which one to buy is no easy task. That said, our information should help you decide if the Pixel 3 XL is even worth the wait. It’ll have a big screen, but that screen has a notch in it. At the same time, the Galaxy Note 9 offers an even bigger screen, making the choice easy for some. Do you want a big screen or need the S-Pen stylus? Do you prefer stock Android? We’ll cover that and more in the slideshow below.

Both phones have pros and cons, including the high Note 9 price tag, and this comes down to what each user needs the most. For now, here’s everything you need to know about these two phones. Keep in mind that this information comes from rumors, leaks, and what we expect from these phones. Well, for the Pixel 3, because the Note 9 is official and coming on August 24th. Basically, some of this information could change in the coming weeks and months.

Galaxy Note 9 vs Pixel 3 XL: Display

Galaxy Note 9 vs Pixel 3 XL: Display

First things first, most potential buyers will consider the screen size first. Then get into other aspects like the camera or battery life.

These days almost everyone expects a big screen, and these two phones deliver exactly that. Both the Galaxy Note 9 and the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL have great screens. Deciding what size you want or need will be the question.

Google releases two phones, but you're likely interested in the bigger Pixel 3 XL as a competitor to the Note 9. 

The Google Pixel 3 XL will likely come with a bigger 6.2-inch Quad-HD display. It'll be flat, not curved, and have a notch at the top for the front-facing camera. This big screen will cover almost the entire front of the phone. Similar to the iPhone X design. There's a small chance Google's device will be bezel-free, but all leaks point otherwise.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is 6.4-inches, so just a hair or two bigger than the Pixel 3XL. It'll also have curved edges, and probably be the better of the two screens. No one can top Samsung's AMOLED display technology.

These sound like huge devices, but they won't be. Thanks to smaller bezels the phones have big screens while still being easy to hold and use. If you still have an original Pixel XL or a Galaxy Note 5, this will be a big upgrade. Don't worry though, the phone isn't physically bigger, the bezels just shrunk.

How big of a screen do you need or want? If the Galaxy S9 is too small and the Note 9 is too big, consider the Pixel 3 XL. However, there is a "deep" notch in the screen that's worse than the iPhone X. 

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