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10 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Tips



With the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date upon us, we want to make sure those of you interested in buying the Galaxy Note Edge are as prepared as possible. Here, we offer some Galaxy Note Edge release date tips that will help those in the United States make better decisions before, and after, the arrival of Samsung’s Next Big Thing.

A little over two months ago, Samsung executives took the stage in Berlin, Germany to announce a number of new products. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was the company’s focus, Samsung also announced its new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a device that shares many of the Galaxy Note 4′s features but comes with a curved display.

The Galaxy Note Edge is a limited edition concept phone and one that should be intriguing to those that are looking to upgrade to a high-end smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge specs include a Quad HD resolution, a 2.7 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM, Android 4.4.4 KitKat with Samsung TouchWiz, 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, massive battery, and a thin 8.3mm frame. It also comes with an S Pen stylus and a unique curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos Side Edge

In October, Samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge in Korea and Japan ahead of several releases including arrivals in the UK, China, Russia, India, Australia, and the United States. Earlier this month, the U.S. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date was finally confirmed for several U.S. carriers and Friday represented the first Galaxy Note Edge release date.

AT&T is the first U.S. carrier to offer the Galaxy Note Edge and the carrier is currently taking Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders ahead of a wider release on November 14th. November 14th also represents the release date for the Sprint Galaxy Note Edge and T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge. The device is confirmed for Verizon and U.S. Cellular but release dates remain a mystery.

With the Galaxy Note Edge release date here for some users and close for others, we want to offer up some release date tips that will help those of you who are interested in picking up Samsung’s new Galaxy Note. Here are 10 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date tips for prospective Galaxy Note Edge buyers.

Do Not Pre-Order the Galaxy Note Edge

Do not pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I repeat, do not pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I recently outlined some reasons why you should avoid the Galaxy Note Edge pre-orders and why you should avoid buying the device right now. Take a look because I think there are some good reasons to wait for the Galaxy Note Edge release date to arrive. If you can, wait.

Go Try It Out First

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most unique smartphones that we’ve ever seen. It combines a massive curved screen with Samsung’s S Pen stylus. You absolutely must go try this phone out before buying because you need to decide if the S Pen, large screen and size, and curved display are going to be worth the price of admission.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge isn’t cheap and there’s no reason to spend the extra money if you’re not going to use the curved display or the S Pen. If the curved display doesn’t suit your needs, you’re going to be better off with the cheaper Galaxy Note 4, a device that shares most of the Galaxy Note Edge’s features. If you don’t like the S Pen, you might want to snag the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 2

You cannot determine your needs from behind a computer screen. And Galaxy Note Edge reviews will only tell you so much. You need to go into a store and go hands-on before buying. It’s the only way to truly know if it’s going to be the device for you.

Obviously, this means that we think you should wait for the Galaxy Note Edge release date in your country or on your carrier. That’s when the device will be on shelves. Don’t make a purchase before you’ve been able to hold the Galaxy Note Edge. There’s no sense in rushing your order. Not with a device this unique and this expensive.

Research the Competition

Right now is when you should start researching top competitors. That means going hands-on with the LG G3, iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy S5. That means looking at the Galaxy Note 3, last year’s Galaxy Note that comes with an extremely inexpensive price tag. And that means researching the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s other high-end Galaxy Note.

Looking at a spec sheet doesn’t allow you to rule a device out. Go hands on with these devices, get acquainted with them, familiarize with their software. These will all help you come to a much better decision. Do your homework and rule out as many devices as you can ahead of the Galaxy Note Edge release date. It will help in the long run. Here, these will get you started:

Pick Your Carrier Now

The Galaxy Note Edge is coming to carriers all over the world. In the U.S., it’s coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon. All of these carriers offer their own advantages (and disadvantages) when it comes to their network and customer service.

Research network speeds, look into coverage in your area (you can do this by looking at coverage maps located on carrier sites), and look online for feedback about customer service. You’re not going to be able to get the Galaxy Note Edge on smaller carriers in the United States so you’ll need to pick from amongst the big five. Figure out which one is best right now and you’ll be well equipped when the model of your choice is available.

Pick Your Data Plan Now

Carriers also differ when it comes to price points and data plans. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an extremely expensive phone and you’ll need to choose your carrier wisely or else you could wind up wasting a ton of money. AT&T, for instance, is charging $945 off-contract for the Galaxy Note Edge, that’s absurdly expensive.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 5

You’ll need to weigh two year contracts against buying off-contract or buying through one of the different installment plans that U.S. carriers have in place. There are key differences between AT&T Next and Verizon Edge and you’ll want to explore those before the Galaxy Note Edge release so that you’re better prepared when the moment arrives.

Call Ahead of Time

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is only available in a limited number of AT&T stores right now. It’s also going to be a limited concept smartphone which means that supply could dwindle in a hurry. To be safe, we highly recommend calling your local store, be it a Best Buy or a carrier store, ahead of time to ask about inventory and display units. If you’re polite and nice, you never know what they might tell you.

At the very least, you’re going to want to make sure that your local store has stock before heading down to go hands-on or to buy. Put in a call, ask some questions and the buying process is going to go a whole lot smoother than it would if you simply go down to a store without any information.

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Deals

We haven’t seen many Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deals emerge after its release. Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy Note 4 is a mass produced smartphone and typically mass produced smartphones drop in price in the weeks after their arrival. We have not seen that with the Galaxy Note 4 and that’s not a good sign for Galaxy Note Edge deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Photos 7

With it being a limited release concept, there is very little pressure on retailers and carriers to offer deals for the Galaxy Note Edge. With Black Friday coming up, we could certainly see someone offer a bit of a discount to try and trump competitors but we’re not expecting huge deals for a device that’s probably not going to be around forever.

Find a Home For Your Current Phone

Prior to your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date, it would be wise to have a plan in place for your old phone.

Give it away to a friend, family member or charity. Sell it on a site like Gazelle. Or hold onto it as a relic and future antique. We can’t decide for you but you’d be wise to make a decision before the Galaxy Note Edge’s arrival. The Galaxy Note Edge is an expensive smartphone so selling your old phone for top dollar will help you recoup some of the cost. So, make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Do You Need Galaxy Note Edge Accessories?

Look into your current habits. Look into Galaxy Note Edge accessories. Then, decide whether or not you need to put some money aside for a case, a dock, an extended battery, or a wireless charging kit.

There will be a ton of intriguing Galaxy Note Edge accessories available and if you put in some early research, you’ll be able to weed out the terrible products and decide what you need and what will be collecting dust in the year or two after you make your purchase. This device is expensive as it is so you don’t want to be wasting any more money.

Be Patient

Our final word of advice, particularly to those of you who are waiting for U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note Edge and Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release date details. Be patient. Once a device arrives, there’s a tendency to get excited and maybe make an impulse buy. Do not impulsively buy this phone. It’s a concept phone but it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. The worst possible thing you can do is rush into a decision. That’s how you end up wasting money.

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Take your time, put in some time and effort, and you’re going to come away from the Galaxy Note Edge release date with the phone you’ve been after. Maybe it’s the Galaxy Note Edge, maybe it’s something entirely different. The important thing is that you don’t spend the next year or two regretting your decision. I know plenty of people that have regretted their smartphone choice and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty sight.



  1. Edge

    11/09/2014 at 3:56 am

    What a stupid article AGAIN! You tell people who want the phone not to preorder and then you state: “The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is only available in a limited number of AT&T stores right now. It’s also going to be a limited concept smartphone which means that supply could dwindle in a hurry.” which is exactly the reason to preorder! Wouldn’t it be better to preorder, get it and use it for the 10-15 days most carriers give you to return, to decide if it is right for you. There are also many in depth youtube reviews that will give you more info than you can get even from trying it out in a store for a few minutes. Most people who want this device already know about its features and size and limitations. Stupid article!

  2. TechLife13

    11/10/2014 at 9:28 am

    The price tag is a little steep but you do have to realize the Galaxy Note Edge will come with 32gb of internal storage @ 399.99 w/ a 2yr contact, while the Galaxy Note 4 will start with 16gb of internal memory @ 299.99. So this pricing is also consistent with Apple pricing difference between gb’s. Also after reading three articles about the Note edge on I am convinced that the write has no sense or real information about any of the topics he/she writes about.

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