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Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy S5: What Buyers Must Know



With the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date getting closer, consumers are starting to weigh top competitors against Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. In this early Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy S5 comparison, we take a look at the key differences buyers and upgraders should be aware of as we push deeper into the fall.

In early September, Samsung took to the stage in Berlin, Germany to announce several new products for release this fall. First, we saw another intro for the Samsung Gear S, an Apple Watch competitor and a device that appears to be a solid alternative to current Android smartwatches. We also saw the Gear VR virtual reality headset make its first appearance. The Gear VR is an accessory exclusively for the Galaxy Note 4.

The two stars of the show though were the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 successor, and the Galaxy Note Edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be Samsung’s mass produced answer to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and LG G3 and it will be making its way to shelves in most countries by the end of October.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is a little bit different than the Galaxy Note 4 though it comes with an array of powerful hardware specs, software features, and a release that is scheduled to take place on a number of well known carriers in the United States. And with a release date on the horizon, buyers around the world are starting to weigh the Galaxy Note Edge against the competition, competition that includes the Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s current Galaxy S flagship and a device that remains on shelves as a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note variants. It’s getting older but it’s a device that should certainly be on the radar of most smartphone shoppers. It’s that good.

This updated Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 comparison will address some of the key points that current owners and prospective Galaxy Note Edge buyers, and prospective Galaxy S5, buyers will want to keep in mind as we push toward the Galaxy Note Edge release date later on this year.

Display & Size

The Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 both come with an array of powerful specifications, Solid processors, great cameras, large batteries. However, there are some features that we think will be the game changers for most people, the features that will make or break a purchase, the features that you absolutely must look at the hardest before buying.


Lets start with the displays. The Galaxy S5 comes with a 5-inch Full HD display. The Galaxy Note Edge comes with a 5.6-inch Quad HD display. That might look like a pretty simple, uncomplicated difference but these displays define these devices.

Quad HD isn’t some Samsung gimmick. It’s real. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s display will offer better resolution and better looking on-screen content. DisplayMate, one of the leading voices in display technology, says that the Galaxy Note 4 display is one of the best on the market, better than the Samsung Galaxy S5’s.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 5

While the Galaxy Note Edge’s display might be better equipped, the device itself is bigger than the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Note series is known for its size and the Galaxy Note Edge joins the Galaxy Note 4 in picking up where the Galaxy Note 3 left off. There are a few implications here.

The Galaxy Note Edge is going to be a little harder to use with one hand and the smaller Galaxy S5 is going to be more pocketable. It’s a trade off and one that you need to figure out before buying either one.

There’s also another element at play here. The Galaxy Note Edge’s screen isn’t your typical Galaxy Note display. Instead of a flat interface, the Galaxy Note Edge’s massive display curves down over the edge of the device. Thus the name Galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note Edge and its screen can be seen in the video below.

The display quality is stunning but it’s the curve that you’ll want to become familiar with. The bent display offers some advantages. The bent part of the Galaxy Note Edge’s display not only offers better viewing angles for content, it also provides users with an extremely quick way to access their most used applications, settings and more.

It can also display notifications on the side without pausing or interrupting content that’s running on the main screen. So if you’re watching a movie and you get a text or an email, it will appear on the side as opposed to on the main screen. It’s an interesting concept but it’s not going to be for everyone. In fact, we’d be willing to wager that it won’t be for most people.

At this point, you need to ask yourself some questions. Do you need the bigger display? Do you need the Galaxy Note Edge’s curved display? Does Quad HD matter to you? Do you find yourself using your phone with one hand? Answer these now before the Galaxy Note Edge release.

S Pen

The S Pen is the Galaxy Note series’ bread and butter and one of the features that helps to separate it from other big name smartphones including the Galaxy S. It’s a feature that many people love but it’s also a feature that some Galaxy Note users end up neglecting in the long run. Before coming to a decision on the Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy S5, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to become an S Pen user or not.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 7

Samsung’s made some significant improvements to this year’s S Pen including increased sensitivity to make the note taking experience on the Galaxy Note Edge feel more like writing on paper. More sensitivity also leads to better looking text from handwriting. Samsung’s also made some significant improvements to the S Pen’s applications including, Air Command, S Note and Voice Memo, and more. Some of these features can be seen in action on the Galaxy Note 4 in the video below.

The Galaxy S5 does not come with an S Pen nor is it compatible with the S Pen so you’re really going to need to buckle down and decide if the S Pen is going to be worth it. It’s one of the reasons why the Galaxy Note Edge will probably find itself amongst the most expensive smartphones on the market.

Go hands on with the Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen ahead of its arrival to get a feel.

Galaxy Note Edge Release Date

We highly recommend going hands on with both of these devices before buying your next smartphone. And while the Samsung Galaxy S5 is readily available in carrier locations and retailer locations, the Galaxy Note Edge release date remains missing in action.

We still don’t know when the Galaxy Note Edge release date is. We’ve heard that it will arrive in late October though that information applies to Korea and Japan and at this point, no one else. The U.S. Galaxy Note Edge release appears set for the fall while the UK and Canada face delays. Canada won’t get the Galaxy Note Edge until 2015.

Galaxy Note Edge Photos - 2

Going hands on ahead of a purchase is going to be extremely important here because of the Galaxy Note Edge’s brand new display technology. You’ll need to decide if the Galaxy Note Edge’s unique features are worth the price of admission or if you’re alright with what the Galaxy S5 has to offer.

Galaxy Note Edge Carriers

The Galaxy S5 is available in a number of different regions and on carriers around the world. It’s a widespread smartphone and one that should be available where you live. The Galaxy Note Edge on the other hand may not arrive in your home town.

Right now, by our count, the Galaxy Note Edge is confirmed for Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Canada. We’re expecting it to hit  other European nations though Samsung has made it clear that the device will see a limited release.

Galaxy S5 Review - 15

Earlier this month, a Samsung executive said that the Galaxy Note Edge would be a “limited edition concept.” In other words, it’s not expected to be a mass produced device like the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, by comparison, is expected to hit 140 countries by the end of October. That’s in line with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon will carry the Galaxy Note Edge but don’t expect anyone else beyond those big four.

Galaxy Note Edge Price vs. Galaxy S5 Price

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is cheaper than ever. For $99 or so on-contract, you can pick up a Galaxy S5 on most carriers. Keep in mind, the Galaxy S5 hasn’t even been out for a year and it’s already down below $100. That’s pretty incredible.

We still don’t know how much the Galaxy Note Edge will cost but you’ll need to be prepared to pay far more than $100. The Galaxy Note Edge is expected to be more expensive than the $299.99 Galaxy Note 4. In other words, it could be one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. Again, this is a concept smartphone and it makes sense that it would have a high-end price tag.

Keep this in mind before committing to the Galaxy Note Edge ahead of its release.

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