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Galaxy S8 Release: 5 Reasons to Wait & 4 Not To



Wait If You Want A Great Camera

Wait If You Want A Great Camera

In 2016 the Galaxy S7 had one of the best cameras inside any smartphone. It won multiple awards, topped the iPhone, and millions of owners loved it. 

The new Galaxy S8 will continue that trend. Samsung will likely stick to the same 12 DualPixel camera technology. It uses nearly 95% of the pixels to have the fastest auto-focus in the industry, which means you always get the perfect photo. The large sensor and fast f/1.7 aperture means it takes excellent photos indoors or in low-light, and it's just a joy to use. Knowing you'll get consistently great photos without trying 3-4 times is important, and that's what you get from Samsung. 

With the Galaxy S8 leaks and rumors expect them to continue with a similar 12 DualPixel sensor. It will have a fast f/1.7 aperture, improved low-light performance, a faster auto focus, great auto HDR+ modes, 4k video recording and much much more. Without saying too much, if you want one of the best smartphone cameras on the planet, wait for the Galaxy S8. 

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