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Galaxy S8 Release: 5 Reasons to Wait & 4 Not To



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If You Don't Want a Rear Fingerprint Scanner

If You Don't Want a Rear Fingerprint Scanner

Last (for now) but certainly not least is the new location of the fingerprint scanner. Whether you think it's the right move or not, Samsung is ditching the front physical home bottom. We've enjoyed it for seven years, but things are finally changing. 

According to the latest photo by @evleaks, the Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner is on the back, to the side of the camera. Not even underneath it like virtually every other Android phone released last year. 

The new Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner location surely is odd, and will take some getting used to. We're hopeful this is just a prototype, but will have to wait and see. It might be built into the glass up front or positioned below the camera come final models and the real release date. Who knows. What I do know though, is many long-time Samsung users will hate this change. If that's you, consider something else or just settle on the still excellent Galaxy S7 Edge. 

Stay tuned for more details, reports, photos and other information as it's provided. We'll update as we learn more. 

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