Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy S8+: What We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is almost here as the February 25th launch event nears. As a result, buyers have a tough choice to make. Wait until March for Samsung’s next phone, or get the Galaxy S8+ now instead. With that in mind, here we’ll go over everything we know so far about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ release, and how it compares to the Galaxy S8+.

In this guide we’re talking specifically about the bigger of the two, and you can read more about the Galaxy S9 here. After sharing tons of information with readers a few months ago, we now have a good idea of what to expect from the Galaxy S9+. It’ll look nearly the same as the S8+, but have some very important changes and upgrades.

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This year Samsung is using the same design and the same screen sizes. Meaning the Galaxy S9+ will have the same 6.2-inch curved Quad-HD display as the Galaxy S8+ from 2017. Just because they look the same though, doesn’t mean they are. Expect major changes to the camera, fingerprint scanner, face unlock and more. Changes worth getting excited about.

Last year Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ in April after a short delay. Both phones have big curved screens with small bezels, a sleek design, powerful cameras, and basically the same features throughout. The only difference is the screen size, and the bigger battery to keep the bigger screen on.

Things are changing in 2018 though, and the Galaxy S9+ is going to have a lot more to offer than the smaller Galaxy S9. Meaning the Galaxy S9+ is a lot better of a phone than the Galaxy S8+. They’re both great phones, but if you can wait for the new S9+, you should.

So what are those changes? Well, the Galaxy S9+ is getting an all-new dual camera setup on the back. Similar to the Galaxy Note 8. That said, Samsung’s making big changes to the camera system to ensure it’s one of the best on the market. So you’ll have the latest camera technology and three cameras. And that’s not all either. Basically, you’re getting more than just a big screen in 2018.

What this means though, is the decision between the Galaxy S8+ and the S9+ is more important than ever. One is much different than the other. You’ll simply need to decide if those changes are worth waiting for, worth paying for, or things you want and need.

And while we don’t know everything quite yet, all signs are pointing to small but meaningful changes with the Galaxy S9 series. So, if you’re coming from a Galaxy S6 or S7 and debating which Galaxy to buy, read through our slideshow below before you decide. That way you’ll know if last years phone is good enough, or if you’ll want to wait for the next big thing.

Galaxy S9+ vs S8+: Design & Display

Galaxy S9+ vs S8+: Design & Display

First up, we need to talk about the Galaxy S9 display and design. Why? Because these phones will be hard to tell apart. The Galaxy S9+ will look nearly identical to the model from 2017. 

In fact, the only easily noticeable difference will be the newly shaped fingerprint scanner on the back and its location. Samsung moved it to the center and under the camera sensor, instead of to the right side of the phone. This makes it much easier to reach, easier to use, and just makes more sense. Oh, and you'll surely notice the new dual cameras on the back, but more on that in a moment.

Otherwise, both phones have the same 6.2-inch Curved quad-HD AMOLED display. Samsung has the best screens in the business, so why change. We might get some new technology that makes it brighter or has improved HDR, but that's about all. 

Additionally, Samsung slightly slimmed down the black bezels on the bottom of the phone under the screen. Only by about 0.1mm, so it's barely noticeable. In fact, a few leaks suggest the S8 and S9 both fit in Galaxy S8 cases. 

Both the S8+ and the upcoming S9+ feature the same premium metal and glass design, and class-leading technology across the board. From the wireless charging, fingerprint scanner, Samsung Pay, headphone jack and more. 

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