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Gameloft Announces & Teases its First Unreal Engine Game



Gameloft, typically known for its plethora of mobile games tied to movies or “inspired” by console games, is now teasing its first game made with Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine.

The French developer is teasing the game on its Facebook page, but it won’t say too much about it yet. Right now Gameloft only offers up a single image, which it says is artwork from the game. The image shows a person with armor (well, armored legs, at least) holding a bloody sword while standing over what looks like an armored skeleton.

Gameloft says there’s a clue hidden about the game’s story hidden somewhere in the artwork, but we can’t figure out exactly what it is.

Gameloft Unreal Engine game

All we can see in the image is signs of a large battle that happened relatively recently. Judging from the blood everywhere we doubt this is a story about killing the undead, but we don’t know.

We assume the game is either an action game along the lines of God of War or an action RPG like Dark Souls. We hope it’s the latter. If it is something like Dark Souls, however, it should come with a warranty that covers throwing iPhones or Android phones against a wall in frustration.

Curious gamers can visit Gameloft’s Facebook page to vote on whether the studio will next release a teaser trailer of the game or more artwork. Unsurprisingly, the teaser trailer is winning, and we’re relatively close to seeing it hit YouTube. Hopefully the teaser trailer will give us more information about the game. For now we can only hope the game is at least as interesting as the one piece of artwork the company is showing us.

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