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Gameloft Releases First Gameplay Trailer for Wild Blood



Gameloft is doing its best to build up hype for its first Unreal Engine game, Wild Blood, and today it finally released a gameplay trailer for the game.

As expected, the trailer reveals the game is a God of War-esque action game that involves a lot of hacking and slashing at enemies. The trailer shows the main character slicing at enemies with his glowing axe, and sometimes hitting those foes with chain lightning attacks. Another special ability shows the character attacking enemies with two transparent (presumably magic-created) purple hammers.

Unfortunately, the trailer is relatively quick, and doesn’t show much aside from a few fight scenes. We know the game won’t feature one-on-one battles like Infinity Blade (at least not as the main mechanic), but we don’t know much about the story yet. We assume it has something to do with the zombies and ogres that are abound in this trailer, but we don’t know why they’re attacking our main character.

The end of the trailer says the game will come to iPhone, iPad, and Android “soon.” There’s no release date yet, but we assume it will come sometime in the next few weeks or months. We’re curious how the game will run on the new iPhone 5 with a taller screen, if it comes out in late September.

We’ve seen evidence that older apps can run in a sort of letter-boxed mode on the taller iPhone screen. That seems like a stop-gap solution, but unless Gameloft is working with Apple to make sure Wild Blood is iPhone 5-ready, gamers will may have to deal with some black bars around the game if they buy the iPhone 5 immediately.



  1. Trevor

    08/22/2012 at 9:18 am

    Consel graphics and god of war type gameplay. instant buy

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