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Google Gets Personal with Android Voice Search



A recent update to Google Voice Search on the company’s Android mobile platform brings some improvements to voice recognition. The update, now available as a free update or download on Android Market, will now allow users who opt in the opportunity for Google to learn their speech patterns, which will help with better voice recognition when using voice options on Android.

Now, within the settings panel for Voice Search, found under Menu -> Voice Input, Android users can check the “Personalized recognition” option so that Google can learn your voice. The feature will require an Android 2.2 (Froyo) handset or higher, and is available only for English language speakers.

The best part about this is that your voice patterns will travel with you to another Android smartphone if you do decide to migrate or upgrade to another device. What Google will learn about your voice will be connected to your Google account, and you can enable or disable Google’s personalized recognition at any time if you’re concerned about privacy via the Google Account Dashboard option.

Even if you prefer not to use the personalized recognition setting, the new update will still be a worthwhile download as it improves name recognition and speed over a mobile network whether that is over EDGE or 3G speeds.

Via: Google

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