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Google Pixel 2 Warranty: What You Need to Know



This guide details everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL warranty. You can buy a Preferred Care warranty right from Google for $169, giving you a full two years of protection. Additionally, after the release, Google extended the standard warranty from one year to 2 years on every Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL sold.

So what does Google’s warranty have to offer and what does the extension mean for those who bought Prefered Care? We’ll go over that and more in this post.

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The standard warranty is good for 2-years against manufacturer defects and a few other things. That’s only defects and bad devices. This isn’t a “warranty” or “insurance” in the way most think of one. It’s what every phone comes with but extended for two years. The $169 Prefered Care plan is what you want, which covers everything, and is basically an insurance plan. Here’s what it has to offer.

What is Google Prefered Care?

Prefered Care is a one-time fee of $169 that gives you extra coverage on top of the standard manufacturer warranty. With Google’s Prefered Care owners have everything they need. From premium protection, in-person support, easy screen replacements, accidental damage protection, and more. Including priority service and expert guidance and customer support.

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There is a deductible, but it will save you in case of an accident. The standard free 2-year warranty doesn’t. It only covers manufacturer defects. That’s a big difference everyone needs to keep in mind. We’re saying it twice because they’re both two years and some will get confused.

If you want coverage for accidents and such, the Prefered Care plan is your best bet. Of course, this is an added charge on top of paying for the phone. Here are the full terms and conditions.

What Does Prefered Care Cover?

With Prefered Care it doesn’t matter how your phone gets damaged. As long as you have coverage, Google will fix it. You can file two claims for accidental damage, and pay a $99 deductible for the Pixel 2, or $129 for the bigger Pixel 2 XL. This process goes through Assurant, Google’s partner, and they’ll send you a replacement device with priority shipping. Usually with next-day delivery.

So yes, that’s technically $169 for the protection and an extra $99 or $129 to actually fix it. However, that beats spending $850 for a new phone.

If it’s just a cracked screen, you can walk into any of Google’s official retail repair store partner shops and get priority support and a replacement on the spot. The retail store partner is UbreakiFix, and here’s a list of locations. Walk in, show them your broken screen and Prefered Care plan, and get the screen replaced.

Click here to start a claim and get your Pixel 2 replaced under the warranty. You can also go to to start a claim or check your progress. Or, call Assurant at 877-406-4372.

The Second Year Of Your Warranty

If you don’t buy the Google Prefered Care insurance for accidental damage, you still have the standard 2-year warranty. This is only good for mechanical breakdowns or manufacturing defects. If something goes wrong, you’re covered. If you break your phone or have an accident, you’re out of luck. That’s how every smartphone manufacturer warranty works.

However, considering Google extended the warranty to 2-years, those who did buy the Prefered Care plan feel a little cheated. To fix the situation, Google confirmed that any Prefered Care customer that has an issue in the second year will NOT pay a deductible. Here’s the full statement.

“If you already purchased your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL from the Google Store or an authorized retailer, you have an extended 2-year warranty.

The length of the preferred care program remains the same. If you have a mechanical breakdown issue in the second year, you will no longer have to pay a deductible. Accidental damage is still subject to a deductible. If you bought Preferred Care and want a refund you can get a full refund on your purchase of preferred care for up to 30 days, or a pro-rated refund anytime after that.”

So basically the warranty remains the same. Any mechanical issues for two years will get fixed for free, on Google’s dime. If you have any accidental damage, you’ll have to pay $99 or $129 to get it fixed.

How to Buy a Google Pixel 2 Warranty?

Again, if your phone has some type of failure or manufacturing problem you’re covered for two years. If you want all the benefits of accidental damage protection, priority service, same-day screen repairs and more, you’ll want to buy a Prefered Care plan from Google.

From what we’re seeing, the only way to buy a Prefered Care plan is to add it to your cart when you buy the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. We’re not seeing a way to add it after you already bought the phone, but we’ll reach out to Google for clarification.

Other Details

Google replacements can come in three different forms: a new phone, repaired or refurbished. Additionally, Google may issue a cash credit equal to the value of the replacement product.

Overall, Google’s Pixel 2 warranty gives owners or potential buyers a little peace of mind that the company will fix any problems for two years. Then, those who want extra protection against accidents and other situations can buy it if they want.

Be careful with your new Pixel 2 phone. In the case of an accident, you’ll want to have a backup plan like what we’ve detailed above. In closing, consider one of these 8 best Pixel 2 XL screen protectors to avoid these accidents completely.

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