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Save $160 With GoPro Hero 8 Deals



You can save $100 on the GoPro Hero 8 when you trade in an old camera and American Express cardholders can save an additional $60, adding up to an incredible 40% off the retail cost of the brand new GoPro Hero 8 Black.

Here’s what you need to do to score this GoPro Hero 8 deal, and what you need to know about any catches. Keep in mind, this is only on the GoPro Hero 8 Black. You cannot use it to save on the GoPro Max.

The trade-in deal is valid on old GoPro cameras as well as any digital camera with an original MSRP of at least $99.99 USD. The deal is valid in the U.S. and EU. You need to buy from GoPro directly for this deal. That’s handy since the American Express deal is valid at GoPro as well.

Save $100 with the GoPro Hero 8 deal and another $60 with American Express.

Save $100 with the GoPro Hero 8 deal and another $60 with American Express.

Select American Express cardholders can log in to their accounts and look for the offer to save $60 on a purchase at of $300 or higher. You can sign up for an AMEX and then check to see if you have the offer.  Once you have this added, you can go to the GoPro Hero 8 TradeUp page and get started. To save $60, you need to add something else to your order, like a battery or accessory.

The camera that you trade-in can be a GoPro or any digital camera as long as the original MSRP is over $99.99. The camera you trade-in can be broken, damaged or totally destroyed as long as the original price was over $99.99.

The $100 discount is upfront and will show at checkout if you go through the right page. From there you have 45 days to send the old camera in. You cannot combine this with any other GoPro discounts, but the AMEX offer should work since it is handled on American Express’ end.

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