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GTA Online Gunrunning Update Delivers Thrilling Challenges



This summer, the GTA Online Gunrunning Update will let gamers make money by trafficking highly illegal guns, tanks and military hardware across Los Santos.

Developer Rockstar revealed the Gunrunning Update for GTA Online this morning. It is scheduled for release this June. The developer didn’t reveal what platforms would get the update, but it’s safe to assume the Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs owners can expect it. They’ve received every major upgrade so far.

GTA Online has biker gangs, street bosses and criminal enterprises already. The Gunrunning Update gives bosses of existing organizations new ways to make in-game cash and fund their other activities. New bunkers act as warehouses for transporting and making illegal goods. Bosses with enough cash can buy bunkers across Los Santos in the same phone app that offers offices, houses and hideouts for sale.

As this is Grand Theft Auto, players can expect a new line of vehicles built for urban warfare. One early screenshot shows an armored military vehicle with missile launchers. This same vehicle is ready for water combat in another screenshot. Some classic cars have reinforced bodies and weapons systems of their own in other pictures taken from the update. Mobile Operations Centers let players customize their cars and weapons when they can’t make it to a bunker or a body shop.

Past GTA Online updates were free, and the post on the Rockstar Newswire blog doesn’t indicate this upgrade won’t be free too. Unfortunately, it’s also safe to assume that Xbox 360 and PS3 players won’t get it. Rockstar no longer updates those versions of GTA 5. New copies of GTA 5, which include GTA Online, sell for $60 at GameStop.

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