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Hatchimals Cheats, Tips & How to Hatch A Hatchimal



Don’t unbox your Hatchimals or Hatchimals Surprise toy until you read these Hatchimals cheats, tips and tricks.

Hatchimals are loaded with sensors. Through sounds and eye color changes, they communicate their feelings. It’s up to their owners to raise and nature them. That’s after they’ve incubated them long enough that they feel comfortable coming out of the egg that they come in. They get their name from that egg; they actually peck their way through it.


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On paper, Hatchimals sounds pretty simple. They can be. Kids nurture the egg and teach them the things that they need to know through games after they’re out. That doesn’t mean that the entire process is straightforward. Here are some Hatchimals cheats and tips to get you and your child started with the new toy.

Hatchimals Cheats and Tips: Knowing the Life Stages

Hatchimals are like owning a new pet without necessarily springing for all the things that come along with one. Each Hatchimal has a life cycle. The longer they are played with and taken care of, the further in their life cycle they get. By the time they reach the end of their life cycle, every activity and feature they have is unlocked.

  • The Stage One is the Egg stage. By touching, tilting or tapping with the egg-shell, you nature it.
  • Stage Two is Hatching. During this stage, the Hatchimal starts to break through its shell. Rub the egg to encourage it to hatch faster.
  • Life Stage Three is considered the Baby stage. The Hatchimal has to be fed and cuddled with.
  • Hatchimals learn to walk and talk in Stage Four. They also learn the Dance game.
  • Stage Five unlocks new games. It’s called the Kid stage.


Hatchimals Cheats and Tips: Which Eye Colors Mean What

Besides the sounds, you must pay attention to a Hatchimal’s eyes to know exactly what they need or what they want. If you know what each of the eye colors represents, it’s much easier to manage a Hatchimal’s life stages.

  • When a Hatchimal’s eyes are pink, it wants you to listen to its heartbeat. You can do so by holding the bottom of its egg or petting its head.
  • Red eyes mean that the Hatchimal is upset about something. Rub the bottom of the egg or pet its head.
  • Orange means that your Hatchimal needs a burp. Simply pat the bottom of the egg or tilt it forward and pet its head. If the eyes are flashing orange your Hatchimal has the hiccups. You must make a loud noise to scare it.
  • Yellow means that its autonomous and will interact with its owner in any way. Think of it as allowing a dog to roam your home on its own. You can play with it during this time.
  • When a Hatchimal’s eyes are green, it’s sick. Rub the bottom of the egg or tilt it. If it’s outside of its egg, tilt it or squeeze its stomach.
  • Light Blue eyes mean that the toy is cold. You’ll need to rub its egg, or rub its head and squeeze its stomach.
  • Scared Hatchimals will have dark blue Rub or tap on the bottom of the egg. Pet its head if it’s outside of the egg.
  • Your Hatchimal is hungry when its eyes glow purple. Tilt it forward.
  • White eyes mean your Hatchimal is about to go to sleep. To wake it you touch the base of the egg or press its chest.

When a Hatchimal’s eyes don’t glow, they’re listening. Just tap on the egg.


Hatchimals Cheats and Tips: All the Hatchimals Games

Every Hatchimal comes loaded with games. You switch through all the different games that your Hatchimal has to offer by pressing its stomach. To select one, you press its head. Many of these games require your Hatchimal to have reached a specific life stage. Other games require both Hatchimals Surprise twins to work if you have them. Their eye color lets you know which game you’ve selected.

  • Teal is Learning to Talk. It’s available in Life Stage 4 and Life Stage 5. You press and hold its stomach to record your voice.
  • It’s available in Life Stage 4 and Life Stage 5. Clapping once makes the Hatchimal take a step forward. Clapping twice makes it spin.
  • Flashing purple is Dance. It is also available in Life Stage 4 and Life Stage 5. When dancing, your Hatchimal will play music and dance to that music. Pat its head for a drum beat.
  • Tag is flashing red. Just pat the Hatchimal on its head. This is only for Stage 5.
  • When your Hatchimals eyes flashing blue, it’s ready to play Simon Says. Pat its head or squeeze its stomach. This is only for Stage 5.
  • Flashing green eyes means your Hatchimal is ready to play silly sounds. When it makes a sound, you must clap using that same pattern. This is Life Stage 5 only.
  • Your Hatchimal pretends to be a psychic when its eyes are flashing orange. Ask it a question with a yes or no answer and it responds. This is also Life Stage 5 only.

You exit games entirely by selecting the flashing yellow option. At any time, whether in its egg or outside, you can turn off your Hatchimal entirely. Simply hold it upside down for longer than 7 seconds. Good luck with your new Hatchimal.

Hatchimals Cheats Sheets

Spin Master has Hatchimal tips and tricks breakdowns for Hatchimals and Hatchimals Surprise. Print these sheets for a quick, convenient look at what the toy can do away from your tablet, smartphone or PC.

Hatchimals Cheats and Tips: How to Hatch a Hatchimal

Some users report that their Hatchimals have failed to start breaking their eggs, even when it’s clear that they should. Spin Master recommends users help the digital pet break the bottom and most of the top portion of the egg. The company also notes on the toy’s support site that you have to be holding the Hatchimal for it to continue the hatching process.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hatchimal Junkie

    12/24/2016 at 10:01 am

    Regarding the Hatchimal Cheats. . .

    I’ve got 3 that weren’t mentioned.

    Yeah team.
    (Life Stage 4 and 5)
    And, we found 2 of these out by accident. Well, actually by playing with the Hatchimal, over many hours, days.

    First is the Potty Game.
    To get your Hatchimal to go Potty.
    When the eyes glow any color, squeeze the neck loosely while walking toward the bathroom. As you’re walking raise and lower the Hatchimal, up and down, gently, in the air about 2 feet up and then 2 feet down. Like being in a boat and riding the waves.
    Once you’re in the bathroom, Stop the up/down motion and turn on the water, in the sink.
    Letting it run.
    Since Hatchimal’s are sound and touch sensitive – they react to the motion and sounds.
    You’ll see your Hatchimal’s eyes turning many different colors as it starts to go potty, and it makes strange clicking noises.
    Pretty Funny…

    I’ll reveal my other 2 cheats later.
    Hint: How to Hypnotize your Hatchimal. (Life Stage 5). And what you can make it do?
    Stay tuned!

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