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6 Hatchimals Problems & Fixes



Don’t let Hatchimals problems ruin your time with your new digital pet. Use this breakdown of Hatchimals problems and fixes to get yours out of its shell and back in working order soon.

There are all kinds of Hatchimals types out there, but they all have one thing in common. Whether you have a single Hatchimal or two Hatchimals Surprise twins, you can expect to run into issues. Hatchimals problems can keep your toy from coming out of its shell even though you’ve worked really hard to nurture it. Even once it’s out of its shell, issues can keep the toy from letting you play games with it, feed it or interact with it.

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Use these tips to fix your Hatchimals problems.

How to Fix Hatchimal Not Hatching Problems

If your Hatchimal is working correctly, nurturing it will eventually lead to it hatching. That’s if a software glitch doesn’t stop it.

First, don’t confuse slow hatching with your Hatchimal not hatching at all. Your Hatchimal should begin to hatch within 25 minutes of you first beginning to play with it. If it’s been less time than that, be patient until its ready to come out. It takes 45 minutes for a Hatchimal to completely break its shell after it has started hatching.

If it’s been 45 minutes and it still hasn’t fully come out, you can help it break the shell. Just break away the large pieces of the shell that it hasn’t broken itself. This won’t damage the toy at all.

How to Fix Loud Hatchimal Problems

After your Hatchimal has hatched, it’s time for you to feed it and play games with it. Before you do anything, check its volume level so that its squawks and squeaks aren’t too loud.

To fix loud Hatchimals problems, turn down its volume. Turn your Hatchimal off using its power switch. Now, with your finger firmly pressing its stomach, move the switch halfway between on and off. From this point on, your Hatchimal will play games and attempt to grab your attention at half volume. Do the steps again to go back to using full volume.

Hatchimals Stages

Your Hatchimal doesn’t break out of its shell with every skill unlocked. You need to nurture it through its life stages to unlock all that it can do.

There are 5 life stages in all. Stage 1 is Egg. This is when you nurture it so that it comes out of its shell. Your Hatchimal has reached Stage 2 when it starts to break out of its shell. In Stage 3, your Hatchimal will cry for food and other needs. It’s in Stage 4 that your Hatchimal learns to dance to music, walk and talk. Finally, your Hatchimal unlocks games to play in Stage 5.

To figure out which stage your Hatchimal is in, press its stomach. If it’s at Stage 3, its eyes will glow yellow. Purple eyes mean it’s in Stage 4. Red eyes confirm it has reached Stage 5.

You’re free to repeat your Hatchimal’s last three Life Stages at any time. Just use the reset button at the bottom of the toy.

Hatchimal Won’t Play Games

Your Hatchimal won’t play games with you just after it has hatched. You must continue to care for it and nurture it until it reaches Stage 5. Once you’ve reached Stage 5, Use the Hatchimals cheat sheets below to learn which games are available on your toy and what each different color flash in its eyes means.

How to Stop a Hatchimal from Hatching

To stop a Hatchimal from hatching when it’s still inside an egg, flip the egg over and hold it that way for 8 seconds. This will pause its progress until you’re ready to nurture it more and lure it out of its multi-colored shell.

Remember, once it’s out of its shell, you can use its power switch to turn it off until you’re ready to play with it again.

How to Fix Hatchimal Freezing Problems

If your Hatchimal is freezing it’s because it needs sleep, according to Hatchimals maker Spinmaster. To do this, hold the toy upside down for 8 seconds. Then, flip it back over and set it on a flat surface for 3 more seconds.

You should also try adding fresh batteries to the to the toy. Don’t worry, taking out its existing batteries and replacing them with new batteries will not reset it back to factory settings.

Hatchimals Types: The 47 Different Species You Can Buy


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They’re described as always happy, but also clumsy by the Hatchimals website. Their eggs come in two colors, purple with pink specks and purple with green specs. Any store that sells Hatchimals sells Pengualas.

Pengualas are not specific to any retailer. That means that you can purchase a Penguala for your child wherever Hatchimals are sold. Just be sure to check for the correct egg markings when you make your purchase. They cost $59.99, but you may see a premium during the holidays. 

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