Hatred for the HTC ThunderBolt Still Runs Deep

In a comment at Gizmodo, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak aka The Woz, claims that the HTC ThunderBolt was one of the worst gadgets that he ever bought. Fortunately for Woz (and unfortunately for HTC and Verizon), he’s not alone.

The HTC ThunderBolt was once touted, as many phones have been, as an “iPhone killer.” The ThunderBolt was Verizon’s first 4G LTE smartphone and equipped with a design similar to the wildly popular HTC EVO 4G, many thought that the phone would outsell the iPhone and take Android to unprecedented heights.

Sadly, the story didn’t pan out the way many expected.

The device’s launch was hampered with delays which immediately frustrated consumers and once the phone was finally released, it had an assortment of nasty bugs on board, chief among them, a random reboot issue that took months to fix.

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The HTC ThunderBolt still haunts its owners.

In addition, the device suffered (and still does suffer) from poor battery life, a finicky mobile hotspot, and a host of other, smaller, frustrating issues that frustrated owners who bought into the hype.

As I’ve stated before, the HTC ThunderBolt’s problems are likely one of the factors that contributed to HTC’s many issues over the last year or so.

So here we are, over a year later, and former owners are still expressing their hatred for the device. In fact, the few people that I do know that stuck by the HTC ThunderBolt after the smoke cleared, got rid of it when all of the Ice Cream Sandwich nonsense began.

HTC has promised the ThunderBolt update for August but thus far, it hasn’t confirmed a roll out date. We have our suspicions about the roll out and we wouldn’t be surprised to see HTC cancel it all together.

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And I can’t even begin to think about the countless emails I’ve received in the months previous complaining about the ThunderBolt’s issues or the comments I’ve seen from people who bought it and regretted it.

Heck, even Phil Nickinson of Android Central calls it a lemon.

There are likely thousands upon thousands of Woz’s out there who bought the HTC ThunderBolt thinking it would be the best purchase they would ever make only to realize that it was the exact opposite.

Anyone out there feel the same as Woz about the HTC ThunderBolt?