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10 Hidden OS X El Capitan Features



OS X El Capitan released yesterday and many users have already begun getting their hands dirty with all of the new features, but here are ten hidden OS X El Capitan features that you may not know about.

The version of OS X keeps the same overall design and look as OS X Yosemite (except for a new font, which you may or may not notice). However, OS X El Capitan comes with a handful of new features that vastly improves upon OS X Yosemite.

For instance, there are improvements to Spotlight Search, as well as new features in a handful of stock apps, including Safari, Apple Maps, Mail, and Notes. Notes has received quite the overhaul to move it into Evernote territory, allowing users to insert photos and create checklists.

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With these new big features, though, Apple usually tends to leave out smaller features when discussing its new software, which is why there are usually a ton of hidden features in iOS and OS X that many users don’t know about.

If you like all of the new features in El Capitan, but are looking for something more, here are ten hidden OS X El Capitan features that you should know about.

Rename Individual Files in Right-Click Menu

Rename Individual Files in Right-Click Menu

While it's mostly easier just to hit Enter when you have a file highlighted in order to rename it, Apple has went ahead and added the ability to rename an individual file by right-clicking and selecting the option.

Again, it's easier just to hit Enter, but it's an option that can be great for Mac beginners who are used to going into the right-click menu to rename an item, just like in Windows.

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