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How to Add Your Favorite NBA Team Schedule to Google Calendar



The NBA just opened up the 2014-2015 season and teams already started squaring off. Fans can watch their teams online, but will they remember? Adding your favorite NBA team’s schedule to Google Calendar is a simple task and we’ll show you how to add the calendar to an Android phone or iPhone.

The steps below show the user how to set things up using a computer browser. If the NBA fan does this, they can view the calendar on a phone and even get notifications about game times. These steps can work on a smartphone if the person taps on the link at the bottom of the page that opens the Desktop version of the page.

Sync Google Calendar with Android and iOS

First, let us look at syncing the user’s Google Calendar with their phone or tablet. For people who already have this set up, skip to the next section.

An Android phone or tablet will do the work of setting up a Google Calendar when the person first signs onto the phone with their Google account. However, some people use a second calendar as their primary calendar, so user may need to set up a second calendar using these steps.

To make sure your calendar is syncing with your Android phone, go to the Android Settings and find the Account section. Tap on Google and then on the account name. Make sure there’s a checkmark by Calendar. For those who need to add a second calendar, from the same Account screen, add an account by tapping Add account. Add the credentials there to add the new account.


iOS users need to add this by going to the Settings app and then look for Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the left side, down the page about a third of the app. Tap it and tap on the Google Calendar account you plan to use to subscribe to an NFL team. If it’s not already set up on the iPhone or iPad, tap on Add Account and follow the wizard to add it.

Add NBA Team Schedules to Your Google Calendar

Gmail users can use Google Calendar already. Sign into your account using the previous link.

google calendar browser interesting

Click on the tiny drop down arrow icon and choose Browse Interesting Calendars.

Find the Other calendars section along the left side towards the bottom of the column. There’s an arrow next to it. Click on it to show the pop-up menu. Select Browse Interesting Calendars. The screen below shows up. Click on Sports and then Basketball. Select National Basketball Association – NBA. Find your team in the list and click on Preview to see what the calendar will look like in Google Calendar, or choose Subscribe if you’re ready to add it.

google calendar football

Here’s an example of what the calendar looks like after adding the schedule to Google Calendar.

nba on google calendar

The Milwaukee Bucks schedule on my Google Calendar.

Now, the team schedule will show up on your calendar on all devices that sync with Google Calendar.

Add More than NBA Schedules

Notice that there’s more than just NBA Team Schedules in the Other Interesting Calendars page. For example users can add holidays from Christianity, Judaism and Muslim faiths. There’s also a selection of team calendars from dozens of other sports. Here’s a list of the sports that Google offers:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Soccer

Choose a sport to see the leagues that the Google Calendar can display. For example, under Basketball users can subscribe to more than one league. NCAA fans can add schedules from their schools, so long as it’s a Division I NCAA school. Add as many team calendars as you like.

In addition to sports, we find under the More tab a list of other calendars including:

  • Contacts Birthdays and Events
  • Day of the Year
  • Hebrew Calendar
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Stardates
  • Sunrises and Sunsets for Louisville
  • Week Numbers

It’s interesting that they put the sunrise and sunset times/dates for Louisville, KY and no other city.

In addition to the calendars that Google offers, users can subscribe to calendars from people they know. Here’s a list of what a user can add to their Google Calendar:

  • Coworker’s Calendar – lets people subscribe to calendars of other users in that Google Apps set of accounts
  • Add by URL – if you have a calendar URL then add it here.
  • Import Calendar – from a file on the hard drive
  • Create a Calendar – set up a new calendar, like special dates for your company, organization or family which others can subscribe to
  • Manage Calendar – lets users unsubscribe from any calendars they subscribe to

Our friends at Android Central inspired this How To. We also posted on how to add NFL schedules.

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