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Buy a Nest Thermostat E for As Little as $19



You can buy the new Nest Thermostat E for as little as $19 after rebates depending on where you live. The new Nest smart thermostat is already affordable at $169, but it is almost free once you factor in the rebates many electric and gas companies offer in many states.

The Nest Smart Thermostat can sense when you are and aren’t home and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also learns your habits and create a heating and cooling schedule based on your preferences without the need to actually program a schedule.

When you buy the new Nest Thermostat E, you pay $169 up front, but you may qualify for up to $150 in rebates depending on how you heat and cool your home. This will change based on your electric and gas company, but in Ohio We qualify for $150 in rebates, which brings the price of the Nest Thermostat E down to $19. We are seeing $75 and $100 rebates in many other states.

Save big on the Nest Thermostat E with rebates.

Save big on the Nest Thermostat E with rebates.

You can go to the Nest Thermostat E page to see which rebates you qualify for. You can click the links there to go right to the form you need to fill out and send in to save. There’s no hunting for a rebate or looking around to find the right paperwork, it’s very simple and you can do it as soon as you place an order. You can also find the Nest Thermostat E at a local store and save.

The Nest Thermostat E is made of plastic instead of metal, and it features almost the same features as the higher end model, but it’s much cheaper.  The new cheaper Nest does not offer a color display or Farsight to show you the time, temp or weather on the screen. Other than that you get all the smart thermostat benefits. There are some differences in compatibility that you need to be aware of, so make sure you check to see if the Nest Thermostat E is compatible with you heating and cooling system before you buy.

On top of rebates, you can also expect to save $131 to $145 a year in heating and cooling costs with Nest. Studies show Nest saves 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling, which Nest translates into that average savings above.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. CJ

    09/01/2017 at 9:13 am

    No dice in New Jersey, only discounts are for Liberty Mutual or ADT customers. :(

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