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How to Cancel an iPhone Subscription From the App Store



This guide will show you how to cancel iPhone subscriptions on the iPhone and iPad. This is especially important as Apple is pushing subscriptions over single payments to buy apps and many developers are quickly adding these to the mix.

With in app subscriptions on the iPhone and iPad you can easily sign up for a recurring payment weekly or monthly ranging from $1 to over $10. Some of these are worth the cost, while other apps are offering a free trial and an exorbitant weekly fee. If you or your kids use a lot of apps, you should use this guide to at the very least check your iPhone or iPad subscriptions.

This will also show you any subscriptions you’ve started on the Apple TV. You will need to check these on each user’s device since the in-app subscriptions do not currently work with Family Share.

How to Cancel iPhone Subscriptions

The easiest way to cancel your iPhone subscriptions is to use the iPhone or iPad that you most often use. This is buried in settings, and it would be nice if Apple would surface this into a top level option or even into a stock app to manage subscriptions on the iPhone and iPad.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID at the very top.
  4. Tap on View Apple ID when a pop up appears.
  5. Enter your Passcode or use TouchID or FaceID to login.
  6. Tap on Subscriptions at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Tap on the Subscription you want to cancel.
  8. Tap on Cancel Subscription.
  9. Tap Confirm and then Confirm again to cancel the subscription.

You’ll get to keep any benefits from the subscription through the end of the period. That’s a nice touch, and it allows you to do this right after signing up for a free trial and still keep the trial.

18 Best Apps to Waste Time (2020)

Baseball Boy

Baseball Boy is a great time waster game because it only takes a few seconds to play one turn, so you can use it e en when you only have a minute or two to wait in line. 

This is a timing game. You tap to swing the bat when it is lined up in the center of the arc to get a perfect hit. Each hit earns you points that you can spend towards strength, speed, bounciness and offline earnings. 

I love that I can keep coming back to this game when I have a few minutes to kill and after a few turns I can increase my stats and go a little further the next time. There's a little strategy to it, but for the most part it's a great little distracting game. 

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