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How to Change the Voice in Google Assistant & Google Home



In this guide we’ll explain how to quickly change the voice on Google Assistant and Google Home. In 2017 Google added a male voice, and now halfway through 2018, there are eight voices to choose from. If you want to get rid of the robotic female voice, now you can.

It only takes about 15 seconds inside the Google Assistant app or from the Google Home application. And while the male “voice II” is still somewhat robotic, Google’s latest voices are a refreshing change of pace.

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Traditionally all bots and assistants have a female voice. Everyone from Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Maps, and the Google Assistant. Studies show men and women alike respond better to a female voice. People find it more feminine and trustworthy, vs an authoritative and manly male voice. Google’s trying to change that. Including adding singer John Legend’s voice later this year. Here’s how to try something new.

How to Change the Voice on Google Assistant

The new voice options are available on Google Home and the Assistant both and are widely rolling out in the United States and other regions.

Users simply need to head to the Google Assistant or Home app and navigate to settings, then follow our steps and images below. With all the creativity at Google, the names for voices are voice 1, voice 2, voice 3, etc.

  • Open the Google Assistant app from the launcher or long-press the home button
  • Tab the Blue “explore” button near the top right of the Assistant panel
  • Tap on the three-dot menu button and open Settings
  • Open Preferences and select Assistant Voice
  • Switch to any voice you’d like

As we said above, Google released a male voice back in 2017. And while it was nice, we still only had two options. However, following Google I/O in May 2018, Google added six more. Now, you can choose from eight unique voices. Then, later this summer, John Legend’s voice will be an option.

How to Change the Voice on Google Home

Thankfully, we can choose from those same eight voices for Google Home speakers too. Giving your smart home devices a friendly tone instead of the robotic voice of old. The same steps and “Preferences” section inside the Google Home app are all you need.


  • Open the Google Home app
  • Tap the 3-lines menu button near the top left
  • Select More settings
  • Tap Preferences
  • Then choose Assistant Voice and select a voice from the 8 choices

It’s worth noting that some users might not get all eight voices on both platforms. Google’s slowly rolling these out to more and more people. So, if you don’t have it yet just try again in a few days.

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Give them a try today and let us know in the comments below which voice you prefer. Keep in mind that you can’t have a different voice for your phone, and your home. Well, at least not yet. Whatever you choose changes across both the Assistant and Google Home. While you’re here, check out our Google Home Review.

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