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15 Cool Things Your Google Home Can Do



This guide shares a big list of the best things your Google Home can do. These tips work on the Google Home Mini, and any other Google Assistant device. If all you’re doing is asking about the weather or to play music, you’re missing out. In fact, there are tons of cool things you can do with the Google Home.

You can turn these smart speakers into your own personal chef for cooking, or broadcast a message to every room in the house. You can even use it to turn on the Christmas lights from your bedroom upstairs. Whether you have a Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max or the new Home Hub, give these tricks and commands a try.

Instead of a huge post or a long list to read through, we’ve added 15 quick tips to a slideshow below. Each slide tells you a fancy feature of the Google Home, how it works, and how to use it today to impress your friends, family, or in-laws.

With the ability to control over 10,000+ smart devices from more than 200 brands, you can do a lot with these speakers. Including Home Actions or routines where one simple command completes multiple tasks.

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Also, the “Explore” menu inside the Google Home app will give you tons of little tips and tricks for using your smart speaker. Once you read some of that, check out these 15 neat things the Google Home can do. Also, here’s how to change the voice on the Google Assistant, as you have 10 to choose from.

Stream Music & Replace Speakers

Stream Music & Replace Speakers

If you bought a Google Home during the holidays or got one as a gift, you're in for a treat. First things first, Google Home is a great way to stream music or even replace your desktop speakers. It's basically a high-quality Bluetooth speaker with the brains of Google on the inside. 

This means you can use your Google Home as a dedicated speaker in your office or bedroom, and instantly stream or play music from a slew of sources. 

You can use the Google Cast feature to stream your own collection of music, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer is coming soon, or from any other cast-enabled device in your home. Once you start streaming music from Spotify you don't have to touch your phone again. Just use your voice to skip tracks, turn up the volume, and more. 

You can even play a Podcast, and it will find it even if it's not in your library. That's neat, but there aren't too many other options or controls around Podcasts. The more you know though, right?

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