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15 Best Things You Can Do With Google Home



In this guide we’ll share a list of the coolest and best things you can do with Google Home. Your personal Google Assistant can do everything from telling you the weather to turning off the lights or stream your favorite TV show in the living room.

Everyone knows about the typical things Google Home can do. However, our list will show you some other neat things you probably didn’t know about. Like instantly stream Netflix shows or help you find your phone. Home can be your own personal chef for cooking or broadcast a message to every room in the house.

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While Amazon’s Alexa has a lot of skills and was around first, Google Home and Assistant can do a lot for you. Whether you have a Google Home, Home Mini, or the Home Max, you’ll want to try these fun things.

The Google Home can control more than 1,500 smart home devices from over 200 brands. And more get released every single day. Additionally, the search giant continues to add new and exciting features all the time, or Actions that let us do even more with our virtual assistant.

Before we begin with the best things you can do with Google Home we wanted to briefly mention “Actions”. These are like skills for Alexa, basically additional programs that add functionality to your Home device. Think of it like apps for your Home device. Actions give Home more power than it had out of the box, like finding your phone or casting movies from Netflix instead of using Google Movies.

Most Actions work automatically and you don’t have to download, add, enable or customize anything. However, some services like If This Then That (IFTTT) require a little setup in order to truly be useful. Open the Google Home App, Hit the 3-lines menu button at the top, and tap Explore to see an entire list of Actions and services available.

This “Explore” menu inside the Home app will give you tons of tips and tricks for using your Google Home. It also tells you exactly how to ask your Home these questions or tasks. Now that you know about Actions, here are some awesome things your Google Home can do for you.

Stream Music & Replace Speakers

Stream Music & Replace Speakers

First things first, Google Home is a great way to stream music or even replace your desktop speakers. It's basically a high-quality Bluetooth speaker with the brains of Google on the inside. 

This means you can use your Google Home as a dedicated speaker in your office or bedroom, and instantly stream or play music from a slew of sources. 

You can use the Google Cast feature to stream your own collection of music, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer is coming soon, or from any other cast-enabled device in your home. Once you start streaming music from Spotify you don't have to touch your phone again. Just use your voice to skip tracks, turn up the volume, and more. 

You can even play a Podcast, and it will find it even if it's not in your library. That's neat, but there aren't too many other options or controls around Podcasts. The more you know though, right?

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