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How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History



These days, your browsing history is like your footprint across the internet. Every modern web browser, from Google Chrome to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer lets users go back to a site they’ve been to in the recent past. These histories are built-in because many users frequently visit the same websites over and over again. What if you don’t want your PC remembering the sites that you visit? What if you’d like to delete Windows 10 browser history? Doing so is pretty easy.

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Your browser history is just a long list of sites that you’ve visited, usually in chronological order. Both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge track browser history across multiple devices for ease of use.

Here’s how to delete your Windows 10 browser history in both Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Delete Your Windows 10 Browser History in Microsoft Edge

Press the Windows Key on your keyboard or the Windows Button on your Taskbar to open the Start Menu.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (1)Find the Microsoft Edge app within your list of installed apps. Chances are that it’s pinned to the Start Menu like in our example. You can also tap or click on All Apps and select Microsoft Edge from the list of apps and programs you have installed on your machine.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (3)Users of Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1s should note that their Start Screen might look a bit different from what’s shown above. They should tap or click on the Menu button in the top-left of their display then select All Apps. Microsoft Edge should be on the list.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (4)Tap or click on the button in the toolbar on the right. This button opens up a drop-down menu that hides a ton of options for more experienced users that want to tweak the browser.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (5)Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (6)Look for Clear Browsing Data option. Tap or click on the button labeled Choose What to Clear.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (7)From this menu you can decide what saved content you’d like to get rid of. By default, Browser History, Cookies and saved website data and cached files are selected. If you just want to delete your browser history but keep your logins and other history, make sure only Browsing History is selected.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (8)Ultimately, it’s up to you what you wish to delete. I’d stay away from deleting passwords if you’ve been using Microsoft Edge as a way to keep track of all your logins.

When you’ve made your selections tap or click on Clear.

Delete Your Windows 10 Browser History in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer from the Start Menu or Start Screen. If you don’t see it, select All apps and look for it under Windows Accessories.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (9)Now tap or click on the Settings option in the Start Menu. This will open a drop-down menu with tons of options.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (10)Tap or click on Internet Options.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (12)The third section from the top of the Internet Options menu is Browsing History. It’s the one place that Internet Explorer keeps settings for all of your content.

Tap or click on the Delete… button. Don’t select the Delete Browsing History checkbox to the left of this button. If you do, Internet Explorer will delete your history every time you exit, which can be frustrating.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (13)Select the checkbox next to all of the content that you’d like to delete. The different options are the same as Microsoft Edge. Again, you’ll likely want to stay away from deleting passwords if you’re using Internet Explorer to enter them instead of remembering each one.

How to Delete Windows 10 Browser History (14)That’s it. Good luck deleting your Windows 10 browser history. All told, things should go fairly easy as there’s only one way to delete history for each browser.

Note that Windows 10 syncs browser history across devices. Just because you delete your browser history here doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone from another device that you’ve signed into with your Microsoft Account.

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