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How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram



In this guide we’ll show users how to turn off comments on Instagram. Over the past few months the company has made lots of changes, and added some much needed new features. This option arrived in December last year, but many don’t know it exists. With that in mind, here’s how to disable comments on Instagram posts.

Whether you want to keep things friendly, get away from political comments, or just keep your Instagram feed clean, taking out comments is the easiest way. This can be done before you post, or after if things get out of hand.

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In the past we’ve shared tons of Instagram tips and tricks, like disabling auto-play videos, but now we want to show Insta-fans how to take control of their posts. Read on for the simple instructions to disable or turn off comments on your photos and video.

Back in December of 2016 Instagram announced some big changes to the platform. It was an effort to make the social network more friendly, safe, and put users in control. You may remember them adding likes and hearts to comments, but a big part of that same update was being able to disable comments completely.

While Instagram is primarily a visual experience full of photos, the comment section can quickly get out of control. In the past they had a toggle to “hide inappropriate comments” using select keywords, but this new step gives users total control of what happens on their photos. Without further delay, here’s how to do it.

How to Disable Comments on Instagram

There are two super easy ways to get rid of comments. This step-by-step list of instructions and photos will show you both. Users can turn them off before they post, or disable comments later if they become negative or unwanted.


  1. Create a new post, add filters or edit, and hit next
  2. On the final step before hitting “Share” click on “Advanced Settings” near the bottom
  3. In Advanced Settings select the “Turn Off Commenting” slider
  4. Hit Share and you’re done

Quickly disable comments before you post

Above are the two easy steps you’ll need to take to turn off comments on your Instagram post before sharing it with the world. Alternatively, the steps below can turn them back on at a later date. That said, sometimes a photo or video is already online, but you need to gain control and clean things up.

Turn Off Comments On An Existing Post

If you are having problems with comments for a post that has already been published and shared online, don’t worry. There is an option to disable comments on existing posts, as well as turning them back on if needed.

Rather than get mad and delete your Instagram account because of rude people, just turn off all the comments for a post. Sadly, at this time there is no universal tool to turn off ALL comments for every post. This must be done one at a time, or before you post. Here’s how:


  1. Open Instagram and go to the troubled photo/video
  2. Tap the “…” menu button at the top right of any photo or post
  3. Select “Turn Off Commenting” in the popup menu

That’s it, and you are all done. Comments will be removed from the post, and the little “chat bubble” used to make comments will disappear as well. Most users won’t even notice it missing.

At any time you can go back into this same settings menu for any individual post and tap “Turn On Commenting” to get them back if needed. We’re all done. Now simply enjoy Instagram in peace without all the comments and distractions.



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